When being judged doesn’t matter anymore…..

 This morning I made a live video as the great unwashed! Scabby lip and coconut oil soaked hair! I hadn’t even brushed my teeth or washed my face…. Do you know what! I didn’t care! I am in a process of liberating myself from self judgments and perceived or potential judgements of others and it feels fan~flippin~tastic ??

I’ve said for a long time now that lifes perfectly imperfect as are we and simply letting go to more and more of who I really am feels wonderful.

Releasing the stuff that’s been holding me back from the next levels of my life.  I know you are probably thinking it’s easy for me as I’ve made videos and shared blogs for years, it still feels vulnerable yet moving through said vulberability, taking the inspired action and going for it is creating super shifts to clear the not so super shit which is coming up to clear ?

This week I am in the process of launching my very first online group coaching program which is also bringing lots of those not so magical gremlins up…. Can I do it ? Will it happen ? Will anyone join me ? Am I good enough ? You know the kinda shit…. & I’m saying to myself…. THIS SHIT AGAIN ! REALLY?!?!?  It’s all good fun playing this game of life  ?

The very first video I made about it yesterday got a really odd comment in it saying “Jesus girl. I’m so over this stuff” or something to that effect.  I felt the negative vibe from it but was open to misunderstanding so asked what she meant… From which followed judgements about me being Pollyanna and what’s the point of what I do sharing countryside videos and inspiration.  Anyway, it wasn’t about what was said, it’s about the clarity which came from it.


Unapologetically me! Just Liz, me doing and sharing what I love ?

BOOM ! ?

how would that feel to you ?

To be unapologetically YOU !

Magical you. Unique you.  YOUnique you.

Sharing your gifts…. In flow….. Feeling this magic ?

Lets do this SiStar ? it’s our time to SHINE ?

the great unwashed video is below if you fancied watching it…. I loved sharing it ??

& if you would love to know more about my Magical launch and the 8 week online coaching program SHINE S.O.S which will definitely help you to release judgements ( from self and others ) plus lots lots more, clearing the crap which holds you back ?? here’s a lovely link yes I’d love to know more about this liz ~ click here

I would also love to I invite you to join the SHINE SiStarhood which will support you week to week and month to month with daily inspiration live videos coaching and guidance from me (YES I’ve totally got your back on this ) as well as meeting lots of other lovely SiStars who’ve also got your back, here’s the link this sounds like it’s for me I’d like to learn more ~ click here

& here’s the video ( with dodgy pause ! The universe is having a laugh with me ! ) ~ enjoy it lovely one

thanks for being here ?


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