How sharing videos & blogs has changed my whole life ??

This was the view from my sacred space ( aka the attic room ) this week.  Absolutely beautiful! And to think I was once stuck in an office all day without any windows or views.  My life has changed so much in the last 8 years, I feel a huge part of the life changes and magical manifestations I have experienced have been thanks to me sharing my journey on videos and blogs. ??

If you use a journal I’m sure you will know the power of writing things out, this can be journaling gratitude, intentions and things we intend to clear such as contrast to clarity. When you start to do this via videos I feel it adds wings to your words as you speak them out loud and if you confident enough to share them publicly like I do then others are also in that vibration too, they feel it, the add their wings to it as well.  Same goes for blogs, you are opening up and sharing your journey, sharing yourself, what your passionate about and what you love about life.  ?

I also open up and share my contrast to clarity ( shadow verses light ), I find this an amazing way to add power to the light, it also inspires others and let’s people who resonate with us know they aren’t alone and that we are all in this together. ?

I always recommend that my fellow SiStars? who are entreprenures like me, share their messages, gifts and talents in this way as it creates amazing opportunities.  Over this last 8 years I’ve made so many magical connections with people who have become my friends, clients, supporters and cheerleaders.  I’ve been invited to speak at amazing events, meet inspirational people, been nominated for and won awards, self published my first book through crowdfunder and videos ( and currently on with my second one ).  It creates soooo much opportunity!

The world is literally at our fingertips! How amazing is that!

On a personal level it doesn’t matter if you have a business or not.  My fellow SiStars in the SHINE Sistarhood make videos about their own journeys simply to gain clarity, get support, open up and allow their true self to be seen.  When we do this magic happens! ?

I made a video on my clarity coaching page yesterday to share more about this passion of mine… Enjoy watching it below….

What video would you love to make?

What blog posts would you love to share?

What if you could release any self judgements or thoughts about judgements from others?

Be you! Be YOUnique! YOU my fellow SiStar are ENOUGH…. Just as you are ?

I can support you, it’s what I’m here on earth to do ?? Ive been through those moments of self doubt too, where you turn the camera on, do about 10 takes and then delete them all ( that’s why live stream is soooo cool! ) I’ve started to type blogs in the past and wondered if I’m “good enough” to be sharing this… I get it!

We dull or sparkle and shine, we hold ourselves back ?

Its time to let that go! Feminine rising ??

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this is a small group with a big heart ?

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heres the link to the SHINE SiStarhood, next weeks theme is all about passion…. Uncovering what you are passionate about and how you can unleash this magical passionate energy ? yes liz I’d love to learn more about the SiStarhood

thanks for being here and reading along, a magical gift for you today, if you pop your details in the sign up box to the right of this page you can take part in the SHINE SiStar SHINE 8 part video program and it’s totally FREE! Whoohooo! ??????

videos below….

lotsa love and hugs ???

liz ??

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