Tune into nature, ground yourself & go with the flow

One of the main reasons I love living in the countryside is nature nurture and the grounding its brought me.  Here’s the view from my garden this morning my alpaca friends connecting me with my love for Peru ?

I have so much appreciation for the transitions I’ve made in life and how I have created a totally different reality to that which I was living only a handful of years ago.

Throughout this journey of coming back to myself, the true me and who I be, Mother Earth has been a constant flow of support, nurture, grouding and balance in my life.  Helping me cleanse and clear, healing what’s ready to release and plugging back into this amazing planet we live on. ?

Today I am embarking on a brand new journey, drumming and journeying with the horses out in the fields.  I feel excited yet a little nervous about all of these magical processes I am taking part in right now.  I know the nerves come from that part of me who feels safe staying with the familiar, not going past my “edges”, sticking with that which is familiar.  Sticking. Stuck. Not moving, growing, evolving.

Today I am allowing Mother Earth, Pacha Mama to support my growth, “Urpichay Pacha Mama” be here now ??

We did a process a number of months ago in the SHINE SiStarhood where we planted seeds of intention just before spring was springing.  Lots of those seeds are now flowering and blooming in my life and I know like I know it’s going to be blooming marvellous!

What seeds have you planted in your life?

Are you watering and nurturing them?

Are there any parts of you wanting to stamp on the buds, pushing them back down without realising that you are stuck in old patterns of safety?

This is what I now recognise I sometimes do.

Starting things in my coaching business and my life then when the weeds come up to clear I get scared and run away rather than clearing the weeds and using the shit that’s showing up for tastey manure to support the richness of life’s soil and grow beautiful flowers in my life ?

Right here, right now I am clearing the weeds and transforming said shit ? moving beyond illusions of the past where I felt things weren’t working out or going to plan.


“working” out, plans and planning…..

I’m taking a leaf out of natures book ?

I’m with the animals on this one ? just like the alpacas and the sheep in the field next door, chill time.  Just like the horses in the field, back to grazing.  Swiftly moving through any emotions or perceived fears and going with the natural flow.

EVERYTHING is ALWAYS just as it should be…..

We are right where we are meant to be when we are meant to be there.

We go through seasons of change and experience different kinds of weather in our lives, from sunshine to storms, daylight to darkness and it’s all ok.

I am trusting the process. Are you with me?

&&&& it matters not where you live, whether in the countryside like me or in a city or built up area, there is always somewhere green to go, there is always air to breathe, there is always fresh water to drink.  Where you are right now is ok, fully embrace it and start to see how you can connect with your own version of nature nurture and receive mother earths goodness ???

We often have nature nurture themes in the SHINE SiStarhood ? and I will also be including nature processes in my 8 week online coaching program starting on the 3rd July, there’s only 2 weeks to make the most of the early bird price and the opportunity to take part in the very first time I will be doing this live, building as we go along, following the magical energies.

I would love to welcome you and support you to clear the crap that holds you back, it’s what I am here to do ?

heres the links see which you feel drawn to ~ I am also available for one to one sessions on Skype or in person here in the beautiful countryside East of the peaks in north England ??

SHINE SiStarhood ~ yes liz I’d love to learn more about the SiStarhood

SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week only coaching program ~ yes liz I’d love to know more about the 8 week program

beaming you lotsa love and sunshine ☀️

Liz ?

Here’s the tea I’m drinking… Tea of truth ~ it says truth is everlasting & enjoy the video below where I share my magical views of the garden and more about th journey I am embarking on with my drum and the horses ??

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