Say sod it to the “norm” & live life to the beat of your own drum !

Β It’s been an amazing week so far! I’m sure you will feel the shift in my vibes if you’ve been watching my videos ?

It feels like a time of initiation right now, a calling to liberate ourselves and let go of the layers of old crap which are no longer serving us. Β Can you feel that too?

& when the calling comes we have to follow it !

For me this week has been very much about saying sod it to the “norm”…. I put norm in inverted commas because what actually is the norm? ?

Is it what society says we should be? Is it what we were told as kids?

Depicting who we are and what we are doing….. From a very young age we are “taught” the best way to fit in with said norm and maybe even to be in the background. Β Stay in the shadows and you will stay safe…. Hummmmmm who said that was true?

I have spent lots of time journeying with my shamanic drum this week, clearing the shadow stuff I may have been hiding behind, until this point that is! I love my drum she’s beautiful! I made her with my very own sparkly nails and healing hands at a drum birthing retreat last month. Β On Sunday I am taking part in a magical ceremony drumming with the horses in the fields at my friends equine Therepy centre ? very excited!

Thus far I’ve been taken on lots of magical shamanic journeys and have received some of the clearest insights about my own personal truth and my next best steps to take. Β As well as some very very deep healing, clearing and cleansing.

I feel truly ready to live life to the beat of my own drum and say sod it to the “norm” whatever I feel the norm which doesn’t align with me is. I’m not saying I won’t be doing normal life stuff, of course I will! Wine and a good film already planned in for this evening. Β I’m also not saying I won’t be normal ( or as normal as I can be lol ) it’s more about living my own truth, cherry picking from what others may advise we should do or what media depicts life should be like. Β For me nature is the greatest teacher ? natural flow…. Doing what I love ?

I feel super ready to encourage you to do the same too! That’s what I’m on earth to do…. Shine a light on what’s possible then support you through it, I’ve been through it too, there’s no coincidence you are here reading this….

I also feel there’s an element of practical magic involved in living on this earth plane and if you know me you know I absolutely love taking inspired action, I’m a busy bee ?

Practical magic i.e taking the steps towards our dreams and desires with an element of magic in there.

What practical magic steps are you taking?

The magic of us. Me and you ?

Our unique gifts, talents & abilities which may have been stuffed down so we would fit in…. Let’s say F to fitting in! What are we trying to fit in with or into anyway?

Are you ready to drum along with me?

Are you ready to live to the beat of your own drum?

To reconnect with who you really are, to liberate yourself, to feel free to be you and know you are enough? Because you are !


Let’s do this SiStar ?

I am feeling drawn to offer in person drumming sessions as I simply have to share this magic! Get in touch if you feel the pull… I will also be involving my magical drum in the online coaching programs I offer… Let’s see how this unfolds… Tuning in… Following the energy ?

if you would love to know more about my Magical launch of the 8 week online coaching program SHINE S.O.S which will definitely help you to live life to the beat of your own drum, plus lots lots more, clearing the crap which holds you back ?? here’s a lovely link yes I’d love to know more about this liz ~ click here

I would also love to I invite you to join the SHINE SiStarhood which will support you to be more YOU week to week and month to month with daily inspiration live videos coaching and guidance from me (YES I’ve totally got your back on this ) as well as meeting lots of other lovely SiStars who’ve also got your back, here’s the link this sounds like it’s for me I’d like to learn more ~ click here

Heres the video I made earlier today on this afternoons walk… Beautiful views and inspiration

big hugs ???

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