Open up to receiving the magical way…..

It’s a stunning day here in England, what a pleasure to be sat in my garden sharing this inspiration with you ? here’s my view…. a cricket match is happening 2 fields away and the crowd is cheering and clapping, feels very appropriate for what I’ve been through….

Today I would love to share a little about my deeper understanding & new level of awakening I’ve experienced this week whilst entering into shamanic journeys with my drum, doing magical ceremonies and connecting with my truth.

I’ve felt somewhat stuck many times in my life whilst “trying” to follow recommended paths of action based “work” to manifest magical things I desire which simply leads to things feeling even more stuck.  Yes, inspired action is great, this is what I call practical magic ?

Balancing the practical magic with the spiritual magic creates huge shifts in life.

That said this whole adrenaline fear based pumping and grinding at life thing just doesn’t do it for me! I guess it could be compared to weight lifting, you have to keep lifting the weights to keep the muscle built up.  Yes if you love lifting said weights of the world that’s cool but for me I’d rather build my trust muscle & take action when it’s inspired ? how about you ?

The clear guidance and inspiration which came to me this week was all about softness, feminine rising, kundalini rising and our bodies, our root and base chakra, our yummy yoni ( yoni is the sancript word for vagina ~ oooo errrrr Mrs did I just say vagina on my website !! ? )

This morning I shared an in depth video in the SHINE SiStarhood about my personal journeys this last week.   Its been akin to the awakenings I had when I did some very profound spiritual trips with such things as firewalking, sweat lodges and of course my trip to Peru.  I’ve found or maybe that should be re~membered and re~aligned with a part of me which I had lost or maybe never even found in this lifetime so far.

I have liberated myself and I feel like a new woman !!!  Whooohooo! ??

I knew this process would create a huge shit shift ? I started it on the full moon last Friday! It also feels very in line with time as its only a few weeks until the SHINE S.O.S ~ 8 week coaching program starts, during which I will be supporting my fellow SiStars to get unstuck, clear the crap that holds them back, to start to move forward with courage, to know they are enough and that they can receive all kinds of goodness. To get total life clarity, ping! ?

My learning is this….

Magical receiving starts within us. Not out there.

Home is where the heart is.

Our bodies are our home.

If something in life is feeling stuck or repeating patterns keep happening go within to uncover where the blocks are…..

How we feel, treat and love ourselves and our bodies ( or not as the case may be ) reflects how life is loving ( or not ) loving us back.

Just like sex and sensuality.

Are you choosing pumping and grinding at life or sensual soft magical flow ? Neither is wrong or right but simply be aware of your choices and how balanced they are.

Tight lip clenching, body tension & dense kinda stuff verses open, in flow, relaxed, soft, expansive breathing into it deeply kinda stuff.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss! ? like the petals of the lotus flower opening as we open….

For me the latter is where the true magic happens!

After this last week who knows what will flow, all I’ll say is this…. I AM SUPER EXCITED!! ????

I am open to the possibilities and committed to this spiritual path I am walking along, I am also committed to support my fellow SiStars every step of the way, shining a light into the darkness of the shadows.

I totally get it, I’ve been there and revisit often to clear out the old patterns and programming. The crap ?  This is the “work” to be done if we desire change and evolution.

For now I intend to live life in the most magical way I can with lots of practical magic thrown into the mix ?

thanks for being here lovely, I appreciate you and this is what I am here to do

I made a little video on my Facebook earlier, I’ve popped it below for you to watch.  This isn’t the private in depth one as that’s only for the SHINE SiStars in the hood, if you feel drawn you can join us here ~ yes liz I’d love to be part of the SHINE SiStarhood next weeks theme is all about receiving…. What would you love to receive in your life ? What would you love to receive from yourself for yourself ?

The link for the SHINE S.O.S coaching program is here, we go live on 3rd July so there’s only 2 weeks to sign up and make the most of the early bird price as well as being able to take part in this life changing liberating experience live with me for the very first time! I am sooooo excited ??  here’s the link ~ yes liz I’d love to learn more about the SHINE S.O.S. 8 week coaching program are you ready to say sod off to stuck ? Do you feel it’s time to clear this shit crap stuff that’s holding you back?

Bring it !!

videos below

Lotsa love to you lovely one ?

Liz ???

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