How to overcome feelings of doubt & perceived failure

 Happy summer solstice!

Me & magical milo started our day with a wonderful cleansing walk around the local countryside, tuning into nature, clearing the way ready for a fresh new day. ?

Yesterday I was doubting myself and the things I am offering in my clarity coaching business, perceptions of failure before they even happen and maybe won’t ever happen at all. Only little echoes from the past, that said they popped back in to say hello so I set the intention to clear them and clear I did.

Have you ever felt like that?

Doubting stuff you are creating, making or sharing in your business or life?

Wondering how it will be received and if anyone will “get you”?

During my summer solstice ceremony and ritual today I tuned into this energy, drumming into the core and the root of these feelings  ( with my shamanic drum I made which definitely has magical powers ?).

The clarity lightbulb ping moment was this….. ?

If it feels good keep doing it

Thats right! It’s as simple as that!

For me I love to share my story with you, make videos and blogs, I also love nature and crafty stuff too.  Today has been a lovely mix of all of these things.  I’ve taken both magical magic steps and practical magic steps, vibe clearing, nature nurture, self care, practical magic, inspired action and even made my very first batch of purple glittery love heart bath bombs with a gorgeous concoction of essential oils to increase flow, receiving and abundance.

After which the practical magic of creating an event for a live video to share ‘how to move from stuck & small to shiny & bright in your business & your life’ this Friday easily came forth. I’m super excited to share this ??

It all felt really good and really natural.

What inspired action feels good to you?

It might be that it’s not about action sometimes, it may simply feel good to sit and chill, that’s ok too. Your spirit may desire to get creative and make something or share a story about what your experiencing, follow that energy.

trust your vibes, listen to your heart, follow what your inner spirit would love you to do…..

I know sometimes it’s hard and a bit contrasty as we can have doubts and perceived thoughts of failure, the the human busy bee part of us who has been very well trained to “do all we can” to “make it happen” to “take massive action” and all of all of that shit ? overcoming what might fail, overcoming doubts with action.

look at the meaning of perceive

past tense: perceived; past participle: perceived
become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand.
“his mouth fell open as he perceived the truth”

It simply means we are becoming aware of something, bringing it to our conscious awareness, understanding it, doing some digging, clearing some weeds and shining a light into the shadows of that which holds us back, keeps us stuck, small and blocks the goodness of life.

& if the doubts are still there whilst the action happens then we are projecting this out into the universe ?this can then inturn create contrasty results! Eeeek! Don’t worry about that though as even in the results you feel you don’t want or don’t particularly like comes the opportunity to clear up the crappy manifestations and evolve from inside out to create the mor magical kinds of manifesting we all love ?

Sooooo, it’s all good! May not always feel so, but it is.  It’s just as its meant to be. Trust this. Let go of the needing, wanting and trying and simply do what feels good in each moment, the universe will take care of the details freeing us up to enjoy this magical ride of life.

Remember it’s not about what we are experiencing in life it’s how we feeeeeel about it…. Let’s feel good!

Are you ready to feel good? Or at least a bit better lovely one? ?

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also enjoy watching today’s summer solstice videos, views of the local countryside, red kites, magical milo and magic in the air ?

thanks for reading,

lotsa love and hugs

liz ???

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