When we do the spiritual “work” magic happens ~ Drumming & Journeying with the horses ?

I am basking in the magic of yesterday afternoon and evening, spending time in sacred space with spiritual family and our horse friends Lilly and George drumming & journeying.  We were the ones doing the drumming as the horses held space and supported our magical journey.

It was so lovely to spend time with my spiritual SiStars ? Karen & Carmen, the 3 of us aka the ‘Wise Witchy Women of West Yorkshire’ ? I also want to thank Philip Malone aka ‘crazy guy on a bike’ for his amazing talent with artistic photography, taking the magical pictures you see here today. 

I am in total appreciation for my life right now and the depth of experiences it brings. I feel I’ve found a real sense of inner peace regardless of what’s happening on the outside.  It feels stable, balanced and secure, my inner knowing that absolutely everything is just as its meant to be.

If you have been following my blogs you know I have lots of new things happening in my life at the moment and sometimes that can be scary or a little overwhelming.  I’m simply trusting the process, showing up each day and sharing the journey with you.

The clarity from yesterday’s expedience was this….

When we tune in, connect with Mother Earth and all her offerings including the animal kingdom we can feel completely supported.

As we make our move and take inspired action mixed with practical magic, just like the beating of our drums, magical things happen!  Sometimes the beat was hard and fast, sometimes it was slow and gentle.  We drummed to the beat of the horses, walking, trotting, galloping, cantering, following the energy and seeing how we felt.  Checking in on our energy and tuning into the right beat in each moment.

This is the perfect mirror of life. We choose in each moment how we are going to beat our drums of life.  How we are going to show up, how our energy feels in each moment. What beat we are going to play, and how long we are going to play it for.  Sometimes we will stop and rest and that’s ok too.  Just like the horses going back to grazing.

The clarity key is this….. ?

The practical magic gives us the opportunity to make our move.  We chose to set this monthly event up, we chose to travel to the fields bottles of water and drums in hand ( it was 26 degrees! ). We dedicated time to create and take part in this sacred space.  We chose to show up and do what we were called to do. We did the “work”.

How are you showing up in your life?

Are you doing that which you are called to do?

What practical magical and inspired action steps are you taking?

What “work” will you do to evolve, clear your vibes and live the amazing life you came here to experience?

I’m a good old fashioned girl and usually for me Sunday afternoons and evenings are spent tucking into a chicken dinner then watching a nice film with my chap ( and a bottle of wine of course ? )

I’ve now chosen to continue my journey with the horses the third Sunday of each month because it feels aligned, it feels like a very valuable process and I know in my heart it’s important spiritual “work” on my life journey.

It was also totally ace to have a girls night afterwards too, sat round the fire drinking gin, listening to great music, eating BBQ food, talking about magical stuff and saying “CHEERS” to the magic of life.

Are you ready to say cheers to the magic of life?

If you are local to West Yorkshire in the UK you are always welcome to join us drumming and journeying with the horses and their ancestors, connect with me on Facebook I’ll be creating events each month.

If you are further afield or feel you would like to continue your journeying with me I would love to invite you to join our online SiStarhood, a sacred circle of women supporting each other to shine brightly. Each week I share a theme to explore as well as lots of lovely live videos, inspiration and support.  If you feel it you can learn lots more here ~ yes liz I’d love to learn more about the SiStarhood

I am also launching my very first 8 week online coaching program called SHINE S.O.S, supporting you to clear the crap that holds you back and SHINE SiStar SHINE ? this is the very first time I’ve created something like this, to celebrate Im offering you an early bird where you also get to take part in the process live, realtime and have me to support you every step of the way, I am sooooo excited! ?? learn lots more about it here ~ yes liz I’d love to learn more about the SHINE S.O.S

& as always, I would love to invite you to be part of my mailer where I will send you inspirational shit shifting clarity messages each week, when you sign up I will also gift you the SHINE SiStar SHINE 8 part coaching program for free ? add your details to the sign up box to the right of this page, I promise to take good care of your email address lovely one ?

its been magic to share this with you today, now I’m off to finish my cuppa tea and soak up some more of this beautiful sunshine ☀️

Enjoy the video I made on my Facebook page to share a little more about this experience…..

Lotsa love

Liz ???

Liz Green = LG = Lifes Good

& getting better ??????

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