What’s keeping you stuck? How to magically transform it & TAKE ACTION!

S.O.S ~ Sick Of Stuck!  Feeling like you’re going round in circles attracting the same things again and again?
Wondering why you just can’t seem to get out of the same ruts and crawl out of the dark caves of life?
fixed, fastened, attached, glued, pinned immovable, stuck fast, jammed, immobile, unbudgeable, fast, stiff, fixed, rooted baffled, beaten, lost, at a loss, puzzled, muddled, perplexed, nonplussed, bewildered,
at one’s wits’ end;
AT ONES WITS END  (((eek!)))
Its soooooo frustrating and can make you feel really sad and fed up!  I know I’ve been there myself, reading loads of books, saying affirmations, wishing, hoping and dreaming life could be easier!   And it can!
The key is to take inspired action each and everyday.  This won’t always be the kind of action we were taught to take in school to do something and make something happen.  To start with this is the action that happens from within,  to clear and cleanse our vibration, to clear up on the old shit that’s been hanging around for years and keeping us stuck, small and unshiny (is that even a word lol).  Then once we have done the vibrational “work” it’s time to take the inspired action steps towards the life we would love to live and who we would love to be.
This is what I am in the process of doing and I am starting to see some pretty magical manifestations in my coaching business.  I can feel big things happening and do you know what….. I am going to keep going.. Keep showing up… Keep clearing my vibes… Keep releasing that which is ready to go and no longer serves me… Keep on keeping on!
Are you with me SiStar? ??
It’s our time to shine!  From within said darkness of stucks~ville or should that be sucks~ville, we can light even the smallest of flames and our whole YOUniverse will be illuminated.
Strike your match.  It’s time!

2 inspired action & vibe clearing steps which you can take right away… firstly watch the video below which I made on facebook live this morning and secondly I invite you to sign up for my irresistible freebie SHINE SiStar SHINE ~ 8 part video series which includes LOTS of great vibe clearing and EFT and then some!  the box is below, once you sign up check your mails, confirm subscription and you will be sent a magical video from me for the next 8 days!  It’s your time to SHINE and shine brightly you will 🙂

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