Has the Universe really got your back? Overcoming FEAR!

Hellloooo lovely 💗

The universe and my back guided me to share this blog post today.  At the weekend I attended a drum birthing retreat and put my back out! 😯

This was really synchornistic as the lady next to me at the retreat had also hurt her back and a few days prior I had been at the hospital with a dear friend who injured her back falling off her horse! Then this morning on my first dog walk of the day a neighbour told me his wife was going to hospital with a back injury too, talk about some big syncros and signs!  The symbolic meaning of back pain is all to do with fear and insecurity, being scared of the future, worrying about how things will work out.  Basically not trusting the process and knowing that the universe has our back…. Which it does every step of the way!  It’s ironic isn’t it!

I quickly realised how this manifestation was total divine order (didn’t feel divine but it was!).  It reflected how I’d been feeling, as the day before this happened I was worried about my fur boy magical milo the labradoodle having some training issues.  I was also feeling fearful about driving through a busy city centre on the way to the retreat, not knowing where I was going, although I did have sat nav and knew it would get me there. I knew I was meant to be there and it was a totally magical day I will remember for the rest of my life! & I birthed my very own and totally amazing shamanic drum!! 💃🏻

but….. that said…..

At the time I wasn’t trusting the process and I certainly wasn’t having faith that the universe (& sat nav) did have my back.  I was panicking, feeling fearful, feeling worried, not breathing properly, tensions, anxiety and stress.  Part of me wanted to turn the car round and go home. Just like when we are doing anything new in life and these kinds of feelings come up, we have that little (or maybe big) part of ourselves who is scared, wants to run, wants to play small and safe….  Do you know what I mean?

What area’s of your life are you doubting that the universe has your back and playing small & safe?

What fears are controlling you?  Stopping you in your tracks ~ blocking your sparkle & shine ~ keeping you stuck?

Are you feeling fearful, worried, tense, anxious and stressed about anything right now?

Just like a back ache, it’s jarring you and making you feel tight and tense! eeeek!

It’s time to clear UP this crap that holds us back and hurts our back !😜


Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise

It’s time to RISE & SHINE SiStar 🌟

Btw I’m not in as much pain today as I’ve been walking lots and lots which helps to ease it.  The movement easing things up, freeing the tensions.  Which is symbolically letting us know that action in our lives is the same! When we make movements and take inspired action things get easier, if we stay stuck the tensions remain and sometimes even get worse.

What inspired action will you take today? 

How can you ease these vibrational aches and pains of not moving forward in your life and staying stuck in small~ville?   What will you do?

If I can support you with said movement and the blocks stopping it then get in touch, we can arrange to connect and have a chat about how the intuitive coaching & vibe clearing I offer will support you, email me liz@liz-green.com.  We are also exploring the theme of FEAR over in the SHINE SiStarhood online if you would like to join us here’s the link SHINE SiStarhood click here and in case you are reading this at a later date we explore lovely vibe clearing themes every week, join whenever it feels aligned 🙂

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