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Would love to hear your feedback everyone ~ even if you do think it’s full of shit lolololololol  ( btw no spell check or proofing done yet so ignore any mistakes )



Sometimes in life Shit happens! That’s a fact! There may be a big part of us wishing it didn’t, dreaming and hoping for an easy life. Praying for better day’s and better way’s of living and being.

Spending thousand’s of pound’s or maybe even ten’s of thousand’s pound’s on personal development, course’s, retreat’s, new learning’s, training’s, spiritual practices, book’s and such like, all with the hope of the same old shit not happening in our live’s, or maybe the hope of keeping away some other Shit that’s gonna knock us for six!

We may change our career’s, home’s, friendship’s, relationship’s and maybe in some cases completely change ourselves. Then the SHIT still happens!

I know I’ve been there, it’s an endless journey and to add insult to injury when we start to “work” on ourselves in a spiritual or personal development sense the Shit seems to start to come thicker and faster, adding insult to injury. When shift happens the Shit usually happens too!

The “Shit” comes in many forms from small neatly formed rabbit size dropping’s popping in on a daily basis, such as money worries when a bill comes, a fall out with a friend, a little sprinkle of road rage or a rude person we encounter, stress at work or in our chosen business, health niggles, little balls of tension and stress, during the course of the day these all build up into a little, or maybe a big pile of Shitty balls.

Then there’s the slightly smellier and messier middle sized poop, showing up as larger contrast’s, the bill arrives and we can’t pay it, a friendship or relationship isn’t easy, we have a minor car accident, the rude person is our neighbour that we just can’t seem to get rid of. We don’t like our job or the people we work with, we have ongoing health issues and maybe even disease = dis….ease, our body is uneasy. We have growing amount of stresses and tensions in our bodies and our lives. Throughout each day this build’s up to a big HUGE pile of stinky poop and Shit to deal with and if possible to clear (which is more of what I will share with you in this nifty little book).

The biggest of the Shit storms is Elephant size, it STINKS to high heaven and simply can’t be ignored, wiped away with a wet wipe or a flush of our “I don’t want to face this Shit” fears. Also the smell of it simply can’t be masked with incense sticks and some aromatherapy oil’s! This is the Dark Night of the Soul holy moly Shit, which comes in such forms as life changing dis….ease, job losses, disasters of both the natural and man made kind, death of loved ones, loss of all our money, home, possession’s and such like. This giganticus Shit is a biggie, it’s super hard to experience and the worst part of it is…. The more we try to ignore it the bigger and smellier it gets until one day we find ourselves swimming around in a huge stinking, steaming vat of the very worst kind of poop! The Sea of SHIT!

This can happen with any size of Shitty things we are experiencing in our lives, the more we try to ignore it, block it, wish it would go away, turn the other cheek or any other coping mechanism we have learnt then the bigger the pile of poop gets! Like trying to ignore the Elephant in the room ~ this time the Elephant has taken a big huge steaming dump in the middle of the rug and will keep on doing so until we start the clearing process.

This is where Shitology comes in!

The meaning of ology:
noun informal humorous
a subject of study; a branch of knowledge.

I am here to offer you the olive branch. A new way to be about the shit life throws you.

I think we all know the meaning of Shit! Or at least your take on it. Politely put it’s waste which comes out of our bowls, as well as that it can be used to describe a number of things in life. Stuff that’s rubbish, no good, broken, useless, crap, worthless, good for nothing and pointless. It can also describe people who are rubbish, no good, broken, useless, crap, worthless, good for nothing and pointless. It can also describe situations which are rubbish, no good, broken, useless, crap, worthless, good for nothing and pointless. Are you getting the point here….

Actually a lot of the thing’s in life which we label as “Shit” are actually amazing lesson’s. PLEASE DON’T CLOSE THE BOOK
NOW!! I know you’ve most likely heard this old adage before but… dot…. dot…. dot…..

We are also going to be exploring some other really cool, sometimes funny (hopefully lol) and also very clearing way’s to see life’s Shit which comes a knocking at our door or seeping through our letterboxes when we don’t want to open the door!

Shitology is a new way of looking at life’s difficulties, gaining more knowledge and understanding about how it all work’s and how to transform your own life and maybe even the lives of those around you.

I hope I can bring relief, ease and a little poo shaped humour into your life as you read the following pages. My intention is that you can see thing’s in a different light, to change your thought’s and more importantly your feeling’s about what Shit’s going down for you right now or what may pop up in the future. We are living in very exciting yet very turbulent times here on planet earth. Its time to clear this Shit up!

Who’s with me?

Bring it on! Shitologist’s at the ready!

Our motto ~
“It’s not about what we experiencing in our lives its how we feeeeel about it & I choose to feel ok with the SHIT that show’s up, transform it into manure and grow something beautiful!”

Before we move onto chapter 1, let me say this, everything happens for a reason and everything is always in perfect divine order. It may not always feel divine, or perfect for that matter, but it is. We are right where we are meant to be, when we are meant to be there.

In my first book, Connect with Your Inner Truth & Everyday Magic I share more about life’s imperfections. Look at the word IMPERFECT and change it to I’M~PERFECT, as is life with all it’s I’m~Perfections. I know it doesn’t always feel that way and it can be hard to accept life’s hardships, or should that be hardshits, they hurt! They make us feel tense and dense, tight and stressed, vibrational constipation! It’s time to release and when we release we find relief!

& B R E A T H E
Say it with me:
“It is what it is. I am who I am.
That was then. This is now.
It’s time for a fresh start.
Let’s clear this Shit up!”

I am sooooooo excited to be sharing this journey with you, thanks again for being here and good luck!

BTW I don’t believe in luck, we create our own reality via our vibration and resonance, tuning forks pinging together and as we clear our vibration via our thoughts and feelings our whole world around us will transform. As we see the poop in a whole new light we will no longer be caught in the Shit hitting the fan.

How Magical can this journey be?

How Pretty can Poop be? 

I know, sounds crazy doesn’t it! lol

If you would like to read more I invite you to pledge on the Crowdfunder for this book which is pretty much FULL OF SHIT LOLOLOLOLOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

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