fearI love to write
It’s what I am here to do
Create with words ~ word artistry ~ word smith
Sooooo staying true to shining my light I am going to tune in and share regular letters from Liz~land to inspire uplift and hopefully shine a light into the darkness as well as sprinkle some humour into your life along the way….. Here goes!!! Tuning into what’s coming up today……… Like if you like love heart if you love and share if you feel drawn to……. ❤❤❤
1. F . E . A . R
Tension, tightness, shortness of breath…..
I can’t do it!! Or can I ?
What if I fail!?!? What if I spin out!?! What if I make a complete tit of myself and let everyone down….. What if I make a fool of myself…. What if I pass out….. What if I die….What if….. What if…… What if……
This fear that stops me in my tracks, that holds me back and keeps me small….. Stuck in sameville …. Or should that be smallville and I’m no superman or Wonder Woman….
Or am I?
I’m just me
Little old me
I’m no one
Yet I’m everyone
Maybe we all feel like this deep within us
Or maybe sometimes not quite so deep when it comes bubbling up at the shittiest of times…
When we are doing our best to be confident and stand tall!
To go for it rather than playing small…..
Those moments when we think YES I CAN !!!
So we go for it….
And…… Dot dot dot
land flat on our face
That hurt
Ground open up and swallow me now!!
Don’t think I’ll try that shit again…..
Stay small
Play small
Gotta get out of this box….. My spirit is calling…..
But my head feels like it’s falling
Deeper and deeper down into the darkness
The shadows that I can no longer hide from
Why does it have to feel so hard…..?
Or does it?
This illusion I have created
We have all created
Anyone got a match?
” yes…. your face and my arse ” lololololol
Very funny !
As I strike the tiny piece of wood which wears a little red hat the darkness I fell into is illuminated and I see that my whole world is glowing with a bright golden light
The light of hope
The light of breath
The light of letting go
The light of trust and faith
The light of possibility
The light of love & some more light too lol
I am the light
I am the tiny wooden stick with the little red hat and when I strike a pose and intend to glow I can literally light up my whole world!! My YOUniverse
I hope you light up your YOUniverse too
Flame on !!!
Big huge golden glowing hugs and lotsa love
Liz ❤❤❤
Btw the title for 1. Was inspired by a cute little dog I walk who thanks to his greying bearded face looks a little like Ian brown monkey man and on this mornings walk I ended up signing the song F E A R
“Fantastic expectations Amazing revelations
Final execution and resurrection
Free expression as revolution
Finding everything and realizing
You got the fear”
Thank you fear as I know without you I wouldn’t know what courage was……
& now…. I am ready to clear the fear!

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