❤ How to Manifest a totally magical 2017 & why I don’t recommend resolutions or goals! ❤

Hellooooo lovely ones 🙂
I hope you are feeling the excitement of the new year and the infinite possibilities which are available to us all!  How magical can we allow 2017 to be?  How would you love to feel and what would you love to experience?
I’ve just shared a live video about why I feel new years resolutions and goals don’t work and what I recommend doing to manifest a totally magical year ahead… It’s pretty simple stuff that can completely change your whole reality by shifting your vibration and energy… ❤  The link to watch is below…
enjoy! and have a fabulous new years weekend everyone
& if I can support you in 2017 and we haven’t yet connected I would love to gift you a complimentary coaching session via phone or skype email me direct Liz@liz-green.com to say “yes please” and I will be back in touch to arrange an ideal time to connect
& lots more about the everyday magic community here ~ we start a brand new round of the 21 days of magic this coming Monday themed New Year New You !  http://liz-green.com/everyday-magic-community/
bring it on!
big hugs and lotsa love
Liz ❤❤❤

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