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magic111Hellooooo Lovely Ones ❤
I hope you are having a lovely day wherever you are and whatever you are doing 🙂
Its autumn here in England, I love the changes in season.  We too can change the seasons of our lives just like Pacha Mama does… How magical is that?
After some deep clearings yesterday I woke up with a renewed sense of excitement this morning, the energy followed!  I have been sharing lots of magical things and exciting news today ~ enjoy watching the video below once you’ve read my rambles for today lol 😉
Exciting news to share!  I will list as this way feels easier then you can cherry pick what magic you would like to receive in your life….  And for any part of you who may have been blocking or stopping the magic lets clear all of all of that ! lol   A part of me is judging myself for shouting about all of this goodness as I wouldn’t want to come across sales’y bit most of this is free so thats cool 😉 🙂 🙂 shared with LOVE
FREE membership in the Everyday Magic Community! I am gifting everyone a free week in the EMC via way of a 7 day trial which can be taken at any time, no obligation, leave whenever you choose or stick around if you love it! 🙂  Just message me back and say yes count me in and I will add you to the community 🙂  You will have full access to the last 4 months worth of magic, daily videos from me, weekly coaching sessions, EFT videos and all the other magic posted by members, as well as support, love and like minded people to cheer you on and cheer you up 🙂
BRAND NEW 21 days of magic starts on Magical Monday 14th November and will be themed…..
Shining like the stars we are! Shining our lights and shining them bright! We are enough! Its time for us to connect with our authentic selves and share our amazing and unique gifts! What would you love to be doing in life? What sets your heart on fire? What have you held back on doing due to self judgements, fears, what if’s….. Its time to let that go and SHINE BRIGHTLY!  I am excited!  Are you?
This will take part in the Everyday Magic Community so get in touch if you would like to start your free trial.
Super Moon Magical Workshop / EFT Live video (recording available too)
Also on Magical Monday in the Everyday Magic Community so you can also join this for FREE.  Here’s the event link….  https://www.facebook.com/events/1819536688323941/
Signed copies of my book ~ Connect with Your Inner Truth & Everyday Magic are ready to send, for you or perfect for gifts.  If you order the basic £11.11 copy it will be signed.  For £22.22 you will receive an intuitive letter and a set of gratitude bracelets hand made by me 🙂 here’s the link ~ http://liz-green.com/connect-with-your-inner-truth-everyday-magic-lizs-life-changing-first-book/
& more about my gratitude bracelets here on the link (they make magical gifts) ~ http://liz-green.com/shopping-time/gratitude-bracelets-4/
Complimentary coaching sessions ~ I am offering new clients a complimentary one to one 30 minute Skype session and all existing clients the chance to add this time onto your next session.  From my heart to yours ❤ get in touch if I can support you in any way ❤ Here’s my coaching page with lots more info http://liz-green.com/one-to-one-coaching-liz-green/
Phew!  That’s it for now…  Thanks for being here I appreciate you 🙂
Sending you big hugs and lot and lots of love ❤
keep shining brightly!
We are enough!
with love and appreciation
Liz 🙂

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