❤ Manifesting Money the Magical Way…. ❤ & some magical meet ups!

Me&mybookHelloooooooooo Lovely’s 🙂
I hope your having a lovely weekend and have enjoyed the swift clearing energies of the new moon and eclipse which we experienced on Thursday ❤ I did a fire ceremony and releasing ritual yesterday… The shifts are ahhhhmazing right now!  Harness this energy!  Its an amazing time to be alive right now 🙂
On Magical Monday the 12th September we will be starting 21 days of manifesting money the magical way which will take place in the everyday magic community as well as via an ebook if you prefer to do it privately and journal your experiences… I made a video to share more last week and have posted it below…
Each day I will share a different theme to follow along with which will include fun and playful things as well as lots and lots of vibe clearing techniques and magic to support us to move into this new paradigm with money I will also be sharing live videos each day as well as group coaching sessions online.  You can join us from anywhere in the world 🙂
If you feel the pull and would like to join us here’s the link for the everyday magic community ~ http://liz-green.com/everyday-magic-community/
& heres the link for the ebook which I will send out on the day, if you choose the ebook version you wont have access to all the videos and the wonderful community we have created though…  ~ https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=LGR4EJQPWZXTJ
I am also holding an in person full moon magical meet up on Friday 16the september at the friends meeting house High Flatts ~ I have created an event with lots more details ~ heres the link…. https://www.facebook.com/events/1751879648358044/
I will also be doing a full moon ceremony in the everyday magic community which you can join online from anywhere in the world if you choose to join us ❤ I am super excited to share this with you all 🙂
It was also truly magical to wake up to a book order this morning too as things have felt a little stuck on this side of things… I know I am being guided to get it on Amazon and kindle and will manifest this soon… I hope after yesterdays clearing the flow is now flowing again…. I’ve created a competition too!  whoohoooo!  to win a (((((FREE))))) signed copy if you like the page ive created for it, share it with your friends and comment on the competition post what everyday magic is for you 🙂 hope you fancy joining in!  heres the page link ~ https://www.facebook.com/everydaymagic111
its all good fun!
Soooo much to say today LOL! 🙂
On one last final note our local holistic centre are holding a book launch and bubbly evening for Connect with your inner truth and everyday magic… its on the 22nd of this month and heres the event link ~ https://www.facebook.com/events/1220446684644177/
Hows it get even better than this?
What else is possible?
Have a super Sunday everyone 🙂
Big hugs and loadsa love
Liz  ❤❤❤
& a little PS with the link for my book if you feel you would like to order one ~ http://liz-green.com/connect-with-your-inner-truth-everyday-magic-lizs-life-changing-first-book/

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