❤ How to connect with the magic of life everyday ❤

I hope you are having a fabulously super day whenever and wherever you are reading this
I am often asked how to connect with magic, and more so how to connect with it everyday, in particular when life isn’t very magical or maybe we don’t feel like things are going our way.  I know I get it, I am sure we all do! 😉
This is what’s inspired me to share my book ‘Connect with your inner truth & everyday magic’ to share lots more on this subject as well as creating The Everyday Magic Community as a place to gather together with like minded people to co-create and share in this magic.
In the community today we have been sharing what we love and what we are grateful for, for me I feel this is the key to manifesting magic in our lives which can happen each and every day if we choose to live this way.  I made the choice to live this way as much as possible even though I sometimes fall of the band wagon, I know when I am in this flow or zone then the magic flows thick and fast and today has been one of those magical synchronistic in flow kinda days…. I feel excited about the infinite positive possibilities… How about you ~ do you feel excited about life?  If not can you allow yourself to start to feel excited by life?
Whatever is showing up in life right now is in complete divine order, just as it’s meant to be
The magic is here!  The air that we breathe, the clothes on our bodies, the houses we live in, nature and all its beauty surrounding us in each moment.  The technology we have to connect with the world in this way and come together to co-create magic (or not as the case may be lol) 😉
Its a choice.  What do you choose?
I choose magic!  Are you with me?
Today’s been even more magical with new members starting to flow into the Everyday Magic Community, I felt inspired to share the following video to share more about how this came about and what it involves…. have a nosy at the video below and enjoy the message from the tea too 😉 Here’s the link to join http://liz-green.com/everyday-magic-community/ Any questions just let me know.  I have also created a second video with more about the one to one coaching program I am offering… & here’s the link with more info  http://liz-green.com/2016/06/12-week-one-to-one-coaching-program-connect-with-your-truth-magic/
May the magic flow ~ & so be it 🙂
What are the infinite possibilities?
How magical can our lives be?
Thank you thank you thank you ❤❤❤❤❤
big hugs and lotsa love
liz ❤
PS – just a few weeks until the books are in my hand and ready to send out ~ you can pre order your signed copy here! WOOOHOOO! 🙂 http://liz-green.com/connect-with-your-inner-truth-everyday-magic-lizs-life-changing-first-book/
PPS – sorry I know I am going on lol ~ I am just sooooo excited and LOVE to share this with you all 🙂

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