12 Week One to One Skype Coaching Program ~ Connect with Your Truth & Magic! ❤

startnowHellooooo ❤

I am super excited to be led to offering a 12 week one to one skype coaching package, to start with there will be just 2 places available.  The intention is to create powerful shifts and changes in your life with the commitment to connect for 1.5 hours each week with full email support in between sessions.

We can focus on one area of your life you would like to radically change or hone in on the changes of your choice supporting you to evolve to new life levels and let go of that which no longer serves.  Are you ready for a brand new shiny fresh start in life?  How magical can your life be? What are the infinite possibilities?
We will follow the energy, trust the process and allow spirit to guide.  Along the way we will use lots of cool processes such as EFT, Hawaiian Healing, Shamanic Practices, Conscious Connected Breathing, Nature Processes and many practical things like Contrast to Clarity, Pre Seeding, Future Scripting, Desire Mapping and much much more, as well as talking, sharing co-creating and connecting with the magic in whatever way flows.  I will also give you a full birth chart reading and Mayan birth blueprint as well as supporting you to tune into these magical energies.  I am excited to share this with you!
Your investment will be either a one off payment of £1,111 or 3 monthly payments of £370 made via paypal so visa’s cool too 🙂   If your inner spirit is saying yes Yes YeS please use the link below or contact me direct about the monthly payment plan.  If you would like to have a chat first and / or have any questions mail me Liz@liz-green.com or skype me LizGreen111

I am here for you a million% with love and soooo much support to offer, my doors open get in touch
For lots more about what I offer during Countryside Coaching and One to One Intuitive Energy sessions please click here ~ Coaching with Liz
enjoy the following video where I share lots more about the program and the magic we can create



S ❤ H ❤ I ❤ N ❤ E







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