A Fresh Bright Shiny Mayan New Year & Excting Updates From Liz~Land


I hope all is well in your world


This is a very special weekend in Mayan terms, it’s the start of a brand new Mayan year tomorrow, today is a day out of time galactic activation portal.  An important time to get really clear about what you would love your life to be like and how you would love to be feeling as well as letting go of that which no longer serves . This next 260 cycle is the year of white planetary wizard, it’s time for magical manifesting


If you don’t yet know your Mayan sign or haven’t had a complimentary reading from me message me back and let me know your birthdate and I will send you one through.  I am a blue lunar night and my “job” here on earth is to help you transform and transmute the shadows moving swiftly into the light.


With this in mind and in heart If we haven’t yet connected I would love to offer you a complimentary 20 minute coaching session via Skype or phone to help you clear your vibes and reconnect with the magic of life  how would you love your life to be ?


lots more about my intuitive energy coaching sessions here http://liz-green.com/one-to-one-coaching-liz-green/


excited to connect with you!


For me the intentions set that this will be the year of my book being born!  I’ve been to see the publisher this afternoon and set the date of 22nd of September for the first draft. It feels big and all new ~ an adventure!  I’ve been having some contrast to clear up to allow things to flow and I’m trusting the process.  I’m half way there with the fund raising which will allow the book birth and first batch to be printed.  I really appreciate your support with this and have a sponsored fire walk arrange for late August by which point I intend to have raised the full amount.  Just £550 left to raise if you would like to support me here’s the go fund me link ~ http://www.gofundme.com/Supportlizsbook

Thanks once again for your support it means soooooo much
& what if you could take the first step in faith too?
what would you be, do & have?
Have a totally fabulous day wherever you are in the world.  Keep smiling, trust the process and know that it’s all in perfect divine order
beaming you lotsa love and big hugs

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