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It’s so lovely to be sat in the garden enjoying this beautiful sunsheeeeine & sharing the magic with you today We’ve just arrived back from a 3 hour walk around the local countryside and I’m feeling refreshed and energised!  Hope you are having fun too
Lots of magic is continuing to flow in Liz~land with the go fund me ‘help Liz publish her book’ campaign growing each day, within the last week I’m nearly half way there and want to give a BIG HUGE thank you for everyone who’s donated and all your support.  I am soooo excited to be sending you your free signed copy once it’s ready.  If you would like to support me click the button below to visit the page….
It’s called
Connect with your inner truth & the magic of life
I made a video yesterday to share more about other big changes happening in our lives ( connect with the video at the end of this message ) On Thursday my chap finished his job after 23 years service.  He took redundancy and is setting up his own tshirt printing company called ‘Time for Tee’ ( can you guess which tea lover thought of the name lol )  as well as creating his amazing bespoke animal art which until now has just been a hobby.  I will post his magical milo picture below see what you think
When we first found out a few months ago an old part of me who felt insecure wanted to start to worry and rush sorting ideas and fixers so I’ve been doing plenty of vibrational clearing on this and feel really chilled and excited about this new life adventure.  So many syncros and lots of magic is flowing so I’m knowing it’s totally meant to be and all in divine order.  Putting into practice what I know and trusting the process
It’s all good
Other news and fun flow….. I’ve bought myself a snazzy pair of roller skates with cherries and cup cakes on they have sparkly wheels too.  This is to help me with my fitness ( love my new Fitbit!!!) I’ve released 9lbs in the last 3 weeks and intend to be wearing a lovely purple bikini on my Spanish holiday in September
and last but not least me and my dear friend Becca are sharing an afternoon of empowerment at our local holistic wellbeing centre in Shepley on Saturday 18th July it’s called ~ Connect Clear & Empower workshop it feels so wonderful to be sharing this and we would love to invite you along.  All the details are here on the Facebook event….. Click the button below
excited to connect with you at the perfect time & beaming you lotsa love and big hugs
Click Here for more details about Liz & Beccas workshop


image Magical milo created by Ian wood

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