HELP!!… & news about my book being published

Hellooooo lovely ones
You don’t hear from me for ages and then twice in one week !! Β Big things are happening and I am reaching out to ask for your support and help
I made a video to share more ( link below ) long story short if you have been following my journey you will know I have been writing my books for some time and it’s coming close for the first one to be birthed
The piece of the jigsaw which always stopped me in my tracks is the practicalities of having it published, I looked into doing it myself but for me at this time that just hasn’t aligned and in some ways stops my juices flowing….
I asked the universe to guide me, to support me and yesterday I manifested a local publishers ( really syncro too ) totally meant to be!
To to be able to do this there are some costs involved so once again I asked for inspiration…. I was reminded of a go fund me campaign I created back in 2013 which supported my healing journey and covered costs for bio resonance, which in turn means I am now fully in balance to be able to write and share this magic….. Big thank yous for this
Sooooo, this led me to creating a new campaign to help me get my first book published and printed…. Β My booksΒ called….
‘Connect with your inner truth & the magic of life’
& it’s going to be magical, I hope Β and hopes a good place to be
I am super excited and appreciate all your love and support
When you donate over Β£25 you will receive a signed copy of the book once published and printed
Here’s the link to donate and the video with more about what happened to lead me to this is below….


Beaming you big hugs, love and thank yous


Liz ( soon to be published author )


thank you thank you thank you

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