Expecting miracles even when you can’t be arsed & going with the universal flow



I hope all is well in your world, wherever you are and whatever’s coming up just know that it’s all in divine order this magical universe has got our back

Its been a while since I felt the pull to share here in this manner, it’s not through lack of things to share and get excited about quite the contrary, lots has been happening and BIG changes are flowing…. I feel it’s the same for many of us at this time on our planet.

I’ve simply been accepting and allowing that CBA ( Can’t Be Arsed ) part of me to chillax and just be

I have been flowing with a few new flows and its felt really grounding to be involved and some magical new spiritual groups locally to me here in the north of England, as well as continuing with one to one coaching, yoga, healthy eating and lovely walks with friends and doggys supporting me to feel balanced and grounded

I will share more about the big changes for me and my chap in a couple of weeks when it’s all official for now you will just have to keep guessing & nope I’m not pregnant or getting married it’s a biggie tho and a scary one for many for us it’s going to be an exciting adventure!!!

So with all that said the messages I’m receiving loud and clear from my inner spirit truths right now are to be ok with whatever is coming up in our lives, to remember that it’s not what we are experiencing that matters but how we feeeeel about it. To be grateful for all that exists in each now moment, the air we breath, the beauty of nature ( as I type this the birds are singing sweetly all around me in the garden ), the love of our friends and family and the love our loved ones share.

To know that all is well and that by changing our vibes and clearing out the crap, recycling it to Mother Earth then focusing on that powerful golden light within us, and it’s in us all….. Then life supports us in magical ways we may never have expected. Now is the time to expect miracles ~ big or small it matters not ~ the miracle of life is all around us in each and every moment….. Trust me….. This is the truth it’s what I feel deep from my core

Beaming you big love, hugs and healing where needed breathe let go relax and allow all is well we are perfect in our imperfection ( imperfection = I’m~perfection )

& as always if I can support you in any way along your life journey my doors always open, holding a warm loving space for clarity and ahhh haaaaa’s

& if all else fails my labradoodle magical milo told me to share the quote below with you all

Chat soon Liz


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