Am I a dreamer….?

imageI had a very vivid dream last night, actually I have a lot of vivid dreams filled with symbolic meaning and have started to tune in more and more since connecting with shamanic dreamscaping.  Plus it helps that I’m a blue lunar night in Mayan terms a big part of which is what comes in the night, or maybe that which goes BUMP in the night.

So last nights bumps couldn’t be ignored and after sharing more with a friend on messenger at 5am this morning I am gaining a LOT of clarity which I felt I wanted to share a little here by way of manifesting even more clarity. Soooo symbolic in so many ways….

So, the dream.  I was in a theatre it was full of people, I was in the crowd and I should have been back stage preparing for the play which was a period drama ( maybe this came from my love of pride and prejudice and a visit to the theatre last month ~ maybe not ) I had a mid sized part in it with a song and would be wearing a lilac crinoline dress.

No one in the audience was supposed to move once the curtains went up but I knew I had to find out what time I was on and get into costume, I’d lost my script was in the wrong place, or so I thought in my dream. There was a familiar guy behind me ( still not sure who this was ) I whispered my problem to him and rushed off to the toilets to wait for him to find me and bring the script…. at this point & I won’t go into too much toilet detail I wasnt feeling too good not that!  Lets just say I was now having my own period drama!!!

I got the script and as I sat on the toilet ( of all places lol ) I could no longer find my name in the script, nothing, nada, gone!

So I went and got a flyer for the play and I was no longer in the picture.  All the other actors and actresses were ther smiling up at me, but no me, no picture, no script, no play.

I remember being really hot and sweaty.  Part of me panicking as I leafed back through the script but it didn’t make any sense it was all gobbledygook

( I’m so impressed that my predictive text knows gobbledygook and finishes it off for me lol )

The dream was hazy after that but what I remembered felt really significant.

Significant as lately I’ve been going to lots of spiritual groups again and reconnecting / connecting with new and old friends having lots of expansive discussions about where were are in a spiritual evolutionary sense.  I haven’t done reiki for ages but was at a local ( and lovely ) reiki share last night, when I came home I continued reading women who run with Wolves which I started after my last shamanic retreat weekend in the forest, defo all connected, and the chapter was about obscene goddesses Something was triggered….


For me, my take, from my own inner truth and knowing.  Considering that I’ve been on the spiritual stage to some extent sharing videos, blogs, doing talks, workshops, seminars.  Whatever you want to call them.  Its spiritual theatre.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing and when I’m in the right mood I love a bit of theatre myself, and yes we are all actors within our lives.  Acting out the parts we pick in each given moment.

It is what it is, and it’s neither right or wrong.  It’s all good ( my get out clause cause I do it too! Lol )

Taking from the dreamings, I’m strongly feeling it’s time to start to ditch the scripts if we can, to let go of the need to do things a certain way, maybe the way we’ve been told or taught to do it, and this goes for anything in life, not just the spiritual side of things.  And considering the period drama involved in the dream we should also be tuning into both our cycles and the natural cycles of pacha mama. Urpichay!

I also keep getting the analogy of the wizard behind the curtain in th emerald city ( & I know I’ve used this before as I’ve experienced it many times both before and after waking up to it )

Sooooo it’s time to wake up to another level, wether we are in the audience or on the stage vibrationally speaking.  It’s time to wake up to our own unscripted truths which flow so magically and wonderfully each and every moment of every day as well as knowing when we are scripting, planning, stage lighting and putting on our make up and costume ready for the stage of life, cause that’s ok too, it’s life.  This is balance.  We are human and we all have an ego as well as our spirit , time to accept it as it be. Warts and all

I feel its connected with identifying when we are the players and  when we are not.  Rather than being reliant on the script and someone else telling us what to do and how to be and act, we are the ones running the show…. Writing our own scripts, creating our own theatre, acting out our own dreams via our own inner truths and knowing….. And yes we may feel support and commaradery along the way helps us too and that’s cool.

This feels like truth for me in this now moment anyway. And it may change in the next moment. Or not.

I love people and I love sharing, meeting up, hugs, chats, cups of tea, sharing stories, walks with friends, healing circles, yoga, social stuff…. Yes & the pub too

& long may it continue, with a new energy.  That there is no need ( in a neediness way ) for it.  It’s a choice because it’s fun rather than doing it to fill something, fix something or make right.  That’s the magic that comes from within.  We are the ones who can make right.

What I used to teach was a way to do things, much like religion.  Do AB&C and get XY&Zee.  A fixer approach.

It feels great to let this go and allow the new to flow.  Boll***x to the 3 Steps to success and the 4,5,6,7 steps too.  Been there done that bought the tshirt and the hat lol

big love to you & welcoming all insights and comments ( nice ones only please unless genuine juicy shadow healing shit heehee )

oh and heres the songs which were playing in my head to theme thus whole dreamy thing….

am I a dreamer – what memories this one brings up lol

& a classic from a fellow white witch Stevie nicks via fleetwood mac

Listen to the words ~ fab syncros flowing…..

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