Death ~ Rebirth ~ Nomadic Nature Retreats ~ Sweat Lodges & Emotional Freedom

nomadicHelloooooo lovely ones
I hope that all is well in your world and if you are in England like me that you are enjoying the spring which has sprung and the sunshine which is shining brightly for us ☀️
Lots has been happening here in Liz land with a full few weeks and lots of clarity ~ I decided to go to another sweat lodge last week after attending a full weekend nomadic retreat out in nature the weekend before ~ back to basics with no electricity or creature comforts we have at home but many other kinds of creature comforts sent by Mother Earth ~ Urpichay pacha mama !  it was so wonderful to go back to basics in this way ~ very grounding and also very clearing
I continued my vibe clearing with an eft day doing rebirthing and ancestors / past life clearings which was really powerful ! Excited to pass this on and share in my one to one and group coaching sessions
I’ve made a video to share these magical updates and show you my staff and the nomadic prayer…. Hope you enjoy it  I made some other videos whilst I was there if you have a nosy on my youtube channel you will see the crazy chickens and raging fires lol
thanks for sharing this magical journey with me 🙂 beaming you big love 🙂

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