My Experience at the Full Moon Purification Sweat Lodge Ceremony….

Helloooo lovely ones ❤
I hope all is well in your world and send you love and good vibes, whatever you are experiencing know that its all just as its meant to be…. ❤

I’ve had a big old week of clearing after deciding I was going to attend a full moon purification sweat lodge ceremony which was last night.

I absolutely love the ancient vibe clearing techniques, after doing many firewalks I have always felt the pull to do a sweat lodge, felt a similar vibe but different process.  Firewalking being the outward masculine energy of going for it and believing you can do it and be ok.  The sweat lodge, going within feminine goddess energy, the dark hot heat and feeling of being back in the womb, death and rebirth, clearing the way, clearing the shadows and that which is ready to release…
This ceremony was women only and specifically on the full moon, the setting was absolutely magical and when I emerged from the lodge the brightness of the moon and the overwhelming feeling of pure universal support touched my heart on another level….. I also have to give a loving shout out to my friend who came along with me, she is pregnant with twins and due on the next full moon in April so this just added to the moon sisterhood magic!  WoW… what a blessing! 🙂
I made a video to share more….. thanks for sharing this magical journey with me… 🙂
This evening we are going to see Noel Gallagher in Nottingham (he’s my chaps fave!) I’m more of a Liam girl 😉 Then I’m back down in Leicester tomorrow for the 3rd part of my EFT clearing journey where we are focusing on how to support the inner child, its all flowing with fabulous synchronicity and along the way I’m now tapping into anything which doesn’t feel aligned with my truth ~ feeling it healing it… Allowing it to be heard… to be healed 🙂
This coming Saturday I am sharing a magical meet up workshop in person at High Flatts friends meeting house I will also be sharing this workshop as an online version with an ebook and a one to one skype or phone session with me ~ if you feel the pull all the details are here Magical Meet Ups
Beaming you big LOVE and big HUGS
Liz ❤❤❤

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