New Moon New Energy New Flow & Dealing with Death & The Gritty Magic of Life

Hellooooo Lovely Ones ❤

11:11am as I start to type this mail… No coincidences here….  (Coincidence = incidence that perfectly coincides lol) 🙂

I hope all is well in your world and that you have powerfully connected with the energy of the New Moon which was the middle of this week.  New moon is an amazing time to set your intentions of what’s ready to release and what you would love to show up moving towards the Full Moon on March 5th.

Its time to clear our vibes and feel better!  As it always is 🙂   Like brushing our teeth vibes should be cleared every day to support connecting with the magic of life…

I’ve been having fun connecting with the magic of life this week and made a few videos along the way… Love to share them with you here today 🙂


The fault in our stars ~ the gritty magic of life 


The stars and planets are lining up ~ its New Moon Energy


Today is the 12th anniversary of the death of a dear friend who was like a sister to me, I’ve been getting messages all week and was inspired to make a video this morning about how to feel better about death…. This can be heavy stuff, or not, depends how we look at it… I particularly loved that the universe made me spit all over the place about 2/3s through this video (so too far into it to re-record) this was defo to re connect me with humour and that laughter really is the best medicine

(oops just realized I havent uploaded the video to youtube yet… gimme 10!  off for a cuppa whilst it finishes off, maybe I will end up posting this at 12:12 lol) 🙂 ❤

Here it is!

I’m beaming you loadsa love and hugs, my doors always open if I can support you in anyway… & if you are feeling drawn to this years magical meet ups and online one to one workshops all the info’s on here ~ with more to follow as they evolve 🙂

with love

Liz ❤

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