Its Time to Choose Our Own Way In Life ❤


I’ve been looking into and reading about Camino de Santiago this last week or so ~ it’s a pilgrimage many people go to do….  I saw the film, The Way a few years back and intend to revisit since its popping back into my experience.

I’ve also had a cute little synchronicity connected with it too….  About a month ago I found a little scallop shell earring on my bedroom floor ~ I think it must have come from one of my ebay hauls but wasn’t sure where or when and only had one so I decided to wear it.  The symbol of the Camino de Santiago is this very shell…

How interesting….. ❤ 🙂

I also felt I should be sharing this here today as lots of clarity flowed on my dark walk with Magical Milo this morning.  (Santa brought me a head lamp for Christmas meaning my morning walks are back to early ones as its still dark here in the UK as we are in the winter time 😉 )

The clarity flowed as some heavy tight emotions bubbled up.  I felt a lot of frustration and anger coming up about manipulation and the “smoke screen and mirrors” of life ~ the Wizard of Oz analogy springs up…

Do this to get that.

Go to ‘A’ first then you can get to ‘B’.

Follow what ‘he’ or ‘she’ is saying.

‘They’ know best.

Also the paths that have been set out before us that are supposed to heal, cure or make well again.  When I say this I am talking about that which society depicts in a practical sense as well as in a spiritual sense.

A big part of us has been brain washed into believing that we have to do certain things a certain way ~ that way or this way ~ to live better lives.

I feel more than ever I am connecting with the energy of there is no SET way ~ we only choose that SETting….

Its time to choose a new setting ~ the one of our own personal truth.  Our own path. Our own way.

I quickly realized that the hours I walk in my local countryside with my lovely doggy friends ( and sometimes human ones too 😉 ) gives me my own pilgrimage ~ the pilgrimage of life so to speak.   In all its natural depth and wonder.

As I walk I clear. Naturally.  No wizardry involved.  Just straightforward walking and talking it out with myself, the Universe, spirit, my higher self, mother earth, the plants, flowers, grass, air, moon, sun ~ whatever I connect with at each given moment… Breathing deeply as the air clears and the energy in motion ~ emotions ~ flow 🙂

That reminds me I made a few videos last month I never shared here ~ this was before I got my headlamp which is much easier but all good ~ lots of symbolic meaning here lol 🙂  I’m also feeling much more confident about the darkness now (& darker times of life too WHOOHOO 🙂 )

With that said I know Wizardry has its time and place too and if you know me you know I love a little (or a lot of) magic 😉  Magical vibe clearing with techniques and practices as well as practical things too ~

&&&&& I would love to walk the Camino de Santiago one day hopefully with my chap and milo too 🙂 Doing it coming from a place of expansion and fun rather than trying to get to a certain place of clarity and “make” things happen.  Although I did do things this way when I went to Machu Picchu and that was as it was meant to be. It is what it is and we are each exactly where we are supposed to be at each given moment (great get out clause lol 😉 Its all in perfect divine order in the imperfection (i’m~perfection) of life 😉 heehee

I also have a few other practical things happening this week with Bio Resonance clearing session tomorrow and the start of an EFT masterclass journey on Saturday.  I think these are some of the things which are bringing this all up and out.  I know in my heart all of this is just bravado…. Doing something to clear something that we have created and allowed into our being ~ something that we have resonated with….. Not always through choice though might I add!

Like the Bio Resonance machine clears my vibrational waves ~ my frequency where it may have been sent off balance with over indulgence, addictions and technology ~ EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) more in more to clear ~ plug into a machine and let it do the work.   Why not just cut out all of the crap which creates it in the first place a part of me asks….

Then the EFT the tapping ~ along with any other “permission slips” I choose to use…. Working to clear my vibes.  Making a point of doing it.  Setting intentions.   Stuff created by others to help me feel better.  Or even stuff created by me to help me feel better….

I think the frustrations and anger lay here for me today. This constant cycle of stuff to do….. to get….. to be….. to have.

Time to stop and be clear about our own path…. To have balance with it all ❤  Be Do Have….. First of all Be & maybe not even bother with the Do and Have bit 😉

I’m not saying don’t join other paths and see what feels good, its wonderful that these paths are here for us and we have so many people to share them with us.  So many maps to follow to lead us to that inner light….

& I love sharing the maps here too 😉

The the paradox of life ~ We feel one thing ~ we are doing another ~ we see the mirrors of us in everyone around shining back at us…. all those different faces we have….

and its all good (or maybe it isn’t) thats the depth of life too

There is no wizard out there, behind some curtain.

the magic is within 🙂 within us all

& I guess thats what we discover when we are walking.  Whether it be a set pilgrimage or one we create every day ourselves.  At home or the other side of the world. Walking on grass or fire.  With animals or people.  Alone or with spirit.   We choose each and every day and each and every step of the way 🙂

ahhhhh yes!  felt fab to share this here today 🙂  thanks for taking this journey with me and have a totally wonderful time walking your magical path

all my love ❤

Liz & Milo too of course!









A couple of songs have already been playing in my head this morning

We apologise for nothing ~ Fightstar (going to see the reunion of these guys this year! WHOOHOO! )

& Good old Oasis

I’m Freeeeee to be whatever I like


(laughing to myself as I see my word count is 1111 ~ no co-incidences here…. Coincidence ~ an incidence that perfectly coincides 😉 )

Oh now the word counts 1133 lol 😉

over and out 🙂 lol

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