Let it go! Let it go! Its time for a new fantastic point of view….. & New Energy Updates for 2015


Helloooooo , ❤

I hope that you have had a totally fabulous festive time & happiest of new years 😉   I am flowing with some film analogies today as I have watched lots of them whilst eating lots of cheese & biscuits (lizzy mouse ;)) and drinking lots of wine (Drunk lizzy mouse lol :)) Its all good!
As well as having a truly magical time I have also embraced this time of overindulgence and letting go to stopping or holding myself back ~ saying yes to my wantings needings and cravings ~ how about you ? Have you had your christmas cake and eaten it?
How do you feel about that now?
The flow of this conscious collective energy can be strong as well as our needs which are ingrained within our vibrational make up to be a certain way…..
I know too well that the feelings which can come up after this time of overindulgence can be a little like we are Veruca Salt, after all her “I wants” have been met and she gets the golden ticket she’s thrown into the rubbish shoot only to pop out the other end expecting to feel great after a trip to the choccy factory when actually she feels pretty blooming rubbish.  And probably smells too!
Covered in the old rubbish.
Much like we can be with vibrational rubbish…. Judging ourselves because of our choices or maybe stuff coming up which has been triggered by close connections with family and friends we may not always choose to be with in such close proximity.  Maybe things coming up to do with our health and body. Money stuff if we’ve spent too much.  Addiction stuff…. Yes lots of addiction stuff….. Whats coming up to clear for you?
unikittyHave you seen the lego movie yet?  Its fabulously symbolic! I saw me in the characters… Singing “everything is awesome” at the top of my voice even tho really deep down its simply NOT always awesome…. Its time to connect with whats NOT awesome….
Trying to “stay positive” can feel so heavy contrasty and contracting ~ it can lead to imbalance and dis….ease when somethings gotta come up and out its gotta come up and out!
Its time to connect with that which is being triggered right now, its the prima materia coming up ready to clear the way so we can experience a different view point.  Its time to “let it go” in another way 🙂   To move along from where we have been ~ that was then this is now ~ to set the intention to clear whats been triggered and what buttons are being pushed using whatever techniques work for us (I love EFT, walking in nature, writing it out, asking the angels, fire ceremonies, energy coaching ~ there are so many amazing vibe clearing techniques we can do…. We can make it up as we go along or choose whats already created)
Accept it.   Face it.  Say hello to it.  Release resistance.
Accept Ourselves.  Take the masks off.  Give ourselves a hug.  Be ok with who we are in the now 🙂
Remember its not about what we are experiencing its how we feel about it.  Everything is in divine order, trust this process ~ when we can let things simply flow in as they are flowing in, whatever the weather/ Be them heavy or light, good or bad, negative or positive… However we choose to label it all…. it is what it is, the depth of life… We can then be ok with what is and clear as we go along transforming the world around us.
newviewA whole new world!
A new fantastic point of view!
and not just because of the new year by the Gregorian Calendar standards ~ its also the start of a brand new Mayan 13 day wavespell today too (& we get to celebrate the mayan new year in july), as well as the full moon coming up tomorrow and Monday…..  How cool this all is….
It means this is the ideal time to set our intentions of what we would love to transform, transmute and let go of over the next coming 13 days as well as having the energy of the moon to support us being out there in the world ~ rather than retreating (as the energies do when the moon is beginning a new) its FULLNESS time.  Time to be the fullest expressions of ourselves 🙂  Letting go of self judgements which may hold us back.  To be out there singing our magical song 🙂
I feel more than ever its time for us to start tuning into these energies as our ancestors once did. Connecting with synchronicity and the magic of the universe as well as the magic of our YOUniverse from within 🙂
In Mayan terms White Magnetic Dog is the new 13 day wavespell starting today so its also time for us to recognize our companions of destiny ~ those whom we feel a familiar connection with and know should be part of our lives even if just for a chosen season ~ its time to connect with our guides, totems and allies ~ those who will support us on our journeys….  Those who will support our growth and expansion rather than shrinking and contraction!
& Just like we have cleared up the rubbish after the Christmas and new years celebrations its time to clear up our vibes…. Clear up our human selves 🙂
Let go of that which we may have been holding onto last year….
Release that which no longer serves our spirit…..
Drop the weighty bag of heavy stuff….
We know what it is and what we should do ~ its just that we sometimes resist doing it 🙂 I know this too in my life…. Thats when its good to call in our companions of destiny ~ our spiritual team and our earthy support.  However they show up they are here for us 111% of the time 🙂
With that said I am here to support you, if you are interested in the Mayan magic click reply send me your birthday and I can do your Mayan Birth chart reading which gives some wonderful insights to start with 🙂 ( I will be doing these next week )
I am also continuing my own personal EFT journey by completing a 6 month training course starting next weekend so I can clear my vibes further and support you to clear yours too with one to one intuitive energy coaching ~ Lots more here ~ http://liz-green.com/one-to-one-coaching-liz-green/ If you feel drawn and we haven’t yet connect directly I offer a complimentary 20 minute connection on skype 🙂  just reach out let me know how I can support you 🙂
All of this as well as the daily magic of life ~ living it, loving it (or not as the case may be 😉 ) being with it, sharing it, daring it and doing it….
Life is for living…. & we are here living it at SUCH an ahhhhmazing time 🙂
thank you thank you thank you
all my love beaming to you now and always
(& magical milo says hi too! )  ❤


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