Doing what we think we should do Verses what we feel…….



Helllooooo lovely ones 🙂 how are you?

I hope the flow is flowing and all is well.  In case it isn’t know that its all just as its meant to be….. Trust the process 🙂   It is what it is….

I’ve had a fabulous few days of clarity and getting in touch with my inner spirit on a deeper level.  Trusting my vibes and following my hearts callings….

I was supposed to be in London this weekend for a magical meet up with friends, we had tickets for Abraham hicks at the O2 arena, a part of me felt very excited yet another part of me felt somewhat off balance about the trip.  I knew there was some resistance to going, I felt this when the tickets were initially booked earlier this year and put it down to my own confidence about travelling to London for an event and feeling well enough and balanced enough with past echo’s of dis….ease bubbling up from a few years ago.

As this weekend drew closer I started to feel off balance.  Even though we were away in the Lakes for a beautiful wedding last weekend and I felt fantabulous!  Something was off about this particular trip…..  Something wasn’t lining up for me….

I realized I had been ignoring my inner guidance ~ my own personal compass.  So my body started to manifest outward feelings to alert me… To make me stop and connect from within.  When I did I realized for me on a personal level had it been a few years ago I would have jumped at the chance to see Esther Hicks, as it stands in the now my belief system differs from the teachings, although I do still sometimes like to cherry pick from abe as I do with many other teachings, I have connected with my own personal truth and hear with new ears.  Where I am at in life right now in my reality it feels somewhat ungrounded to turn the other cheek and distract myself from what is really manifesting in life, whether it be heavy or light ~ dark or bright.  It is what it is…. The reality that we are now living in and whats coming up for each individual one of us as well as the conscious creative as a whole.

I prefer to allow it all, knowing in my heart that its allll a match if its showing up and that its all good (even if it doesn’t always feel that way lol 😉 ) Its not about what we are experiencing in life its how we feeeeel about it…… For me I feel this is key 🙂

I wanted to share this experience here with you today as well as to say liberation sometimes comes from being honest with ourselves and not going through with the things we think we should be doing.  It comes from tuning deeply into our inner compass on a daily basis, asking “does this serve me?” “Is this the right path for me now?” “Spirit is this the best step to take?”  “Inner spirit speak to me, what should I know today?”

From my minds point of view (& ego self) I thought that I would feel soooo confident coming back from the big smoke all pumped up after an abe gig which actually turned into a heightened and much more spiritually connected feeling of confidence in me and my own truth by not going and spending a beautiful weekend at home in the countryside with the love of my life and our family of fur.  ( as well as a few cheeky vinos and delicious food 😉 )

I hope you are connecting with your inner truth too.  It feels bloody great! 😉

Today also sees the start of a new Mayan moon month ~ the month of getting clear about how we can best be of service in the world around us and our youniverse.  I absolutely know for me its through my support here and coaching, one to ones and countryside retreats, as well as cracking on with my books.  This feels like expansion 🙂

If it feels like expansion to you too and you would like some support tuning into your truth I would love to support you in any way I can ~ just reach out and let me know…. I love holding this space, asking the perfect questions at the perfect time and doing lots of lovely vibe clearing…. ahhhhhhhhh nice!  Lots more about one to ones here ~ One to ones with Liz

Beaming you so much love on this powerful day

shine your lights and shine them bright ~ you are enough and you have all you require and desire within you… how cool is that!!


Love & Hope flowing….

Liz 🙂 🙂 🙂


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