Tuning into the Universe in more ways than one!

Rainbow sunshine magic

Rainbow sunshine magic

Feeling SO tuned in today!  What an ahhhhmazing week of clarity it has been… I am excited to share it all with youhoohooo and appreciate you being here 🙂  You can keep up with my daily video diary here ~ Liz Green Live on Youtube

Since I last checked in I have been opening up to lots of new (remembered) things ~ you know when you just know that you already had all of this knowledge and knowing and you are just remembering and re~connecting the dots….  Thats what I feel is happening for many of us right now 🙂   how exciting this all 🙂

I have been looking into the Akashic Records ~ what they are, the history of them and how to access… Since making a video about my findings I got a real sense that being connected online with videos ~ wiki’s and such like is very similar to accessing the Akashic records vibrationally and since which I have been learning lots about my own history including past and parallel lives which I feel I have been connected with 🙂

I chat more about my findings here ~ 

This morning doing the radio show was wild!  It was filled with SO many syncros and magical moments ~ this is happening more and more on a daily basis ~ so much so its just becoming an everyday part of life… I have to share what happened this morning tho ~ a little yet v cool manifestation which happened cause I followed my inspiration.

I had a nudge from the universe to search on the system for a song with Liz in the title… When I did Liz Greens jingle came up…. I felt excited to discover this and popped it in after the next tune which was playing.  Its ACE!  I made a video but you cant here the jingle as it comes through my headphones and can be heard on air… It says ~ Liz Green Live on Penistone FM 😉  heehee!  the COOLEST part was that after I made the video sharing my excitement and played it a few more times on air I got a call from one of the techie guys at the radio to say he had created my a jingle… lol !  I said I know and he was freaked that I found it!

Laughter flowing as I had been saying on the show I was a white witch! 😉

Tuning in and following the energy is SO much fun 🙂  The game of life and all its wonders!

I have also had some amazing connections and conversations this week with fellow life travelers talking about healing from dis…ease ~ feeling more relaxed and in flow ~ connecting with our heart path ~ accepting the shadows and transforming the energies ~ we’ve had laughter, tears, awakenings, healing, fun and blissed our joy!  WHOOHOOO!its all good and all in perfect divine order 🙂

lizshineI have also had a number of requests through to make videos about Negative emotions, Paranoia, Healing from illness and dis…ease as well as grounding ourselves.  Its been great fun sharing these vibes and if you ever feel you have anything you would like me to share vibes on just ask ~ you can always reach me here ~ Liz@liz-green.com

My doors always open if I can support you…. we are all in this together!

enjoy taking part in the videos I made 🙂

How to cope with negative energy & emotions and clear the crap…..

How to deal with Paranoia….

How to ground yourself and some ground energy from the trees….

The most important thing to do when you are ill….

& if you would like to come and spend some time in the country with me ~ for a hour to a day or maybe a stay over at the holiday cottage across the field then reach out and let me know… Here Magical Milo’s furry ears and viewpoint from our garden yesterday….

Magical Milo's like Dr Do~little!

Magical Milo’s like Dr Do~little!

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