The Dark Side of Law of Attraction ~ Whats Lurking in the Shadows?

To shine a light on a more magical life sometimes we have to go into some dark rooms…. or forests 😉  Hope you like the picture I took this morning…..

Shining a light in the darkness of the forest of life

I am learning to be more and more ok with Shadow stuff and the darkness of life ~ good job too as the clocks go back tonight so the dark nights are drawing in here in the UK and its Halloween on Thursday and I have a rather fetching knife through my head headband to wear 😉  Its all good hey!

Here’s a little humorous manifestation which happened yesterday afternoon as we gave my dad one of my chaps old phones ~ this text message alert played ~ lol

After yesterdays video about connecting with whatever be lots more LOA in action has been popping and I am trusting this whole process leading to the highest possible good for all involved.   I know the universe hears our callings and connects with our vibe ~ what we are feeling ~ so thats whats coming up for clearing.

After a wonderful walk in the forest this morning & some lovely pics of the sun shining a light I felt a lot of clarity flooding in and just knew I had to talk about the Dark side of law of attraction ~ the negative manifesting ~ the pushing corks down and resisting what we dont want so much so that it comes FLOODING into our lives… I know this all too well from whats happened in my life with dis…ease which is now finding balance 🙂 its all good!

I really do feel that now is the time to be with whatever is coming up in each now moment, what is each day bringing us to clear on?  I’m not saying go digging around when there are no seeds to plant ~ what I am saying is its time to allow whatevers coming up to push our buttons to push and then clear whatever it pushes… the triggers ~ the prickling feelings of “Oh no not this shit again” ~ enough of pushing things down….  and if we feel a little seed planting best serves the higher good then maybe we will follow the threads of darkness and find the brightest lights within ~ this feels like truth to me 🙂

I felt like I was going over a bit of old ground with my video today ~ it had to come up and out though and feels good to share 🙂  If you have any questions or would like me to share anymore get in touch I am open to making a follow on video ~ I also also open to supporting you ~ my doors always open just let me know how I can support you…..

I also made a lovely little nature clearing video on my walk this morning after I saw this magical love heart tree….. hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed creating these…

Remember ~ Its not what we are experiencing in life that attracts ~ its how we feel about what we are experiencing….

beaming you loadsa love

Liz 🙂

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