Spiritual Loops & Awakening Traps ~ Connecting with our natural powers

How are you?  I hope that all is well and lots of clarity is flowing in your world :)))))

I am typing this to you here today sat in my country cottage garden appreciating the fresh air and sunshine after a lovely barefoot walk with magical milo in the fields ~ I made a video and will share the link in a bit……  For now lets just take a nice deep breath ~ Breathe deeply and know that all is well…..

Its been a time of immense and intense change for a while now & sometimes it can feel like the contrast will go on forever, I know this too…. We are in an amazing time of evolution and awakening ~ how exciting is that?  We are here!  On planet earth at this spectacular time of change…. Sometimes thats all we can focus on when the “growing pains” happen, finding the light in the darkest of storms :)))))

I have been through some of my own personal storms lately, I am sure if you connect with me on facebook and follow my video diary you will have been tuning in.  As I always say ~ its ALL good and all in perfect divine order ~ we simply have to build up our trust muscle and allow the process ~ sometimes doesn’t feel simple ~ but it can be if we believe so….

Lets set an intention to allow this to happen in our lives 🙂

I would also like to invite you to set the intention (along with me) to go within and know that everything we desire and require is within us…. All of the other noise and “stuff” around us is just here for the fun of the journey ~ yes it also encourages us to open doors and gives us keys to turn the locks ~ first and foremost WE have the answers within….. Go within to start with and all else will click into place through delicious synchronicity and serendipity ~ following the energy as we go along ~ our Law of Attraction in action :)))))

I made a video to share more about this on my walk this morning ~ here the link up

As well as a link to my coaching page here ~ One to ones with Liz~ just let me know if you would like support in open up those magical keys from within and creating a super syncronistic September 🙂 I am here to support you on your journey whatever the weather ~ click reply to this mail, connect with me on Skype lizgreen111 or give me a call 07834 363897 ~ Love to hear from you 🙂
I have also been progressing with my new flow of making wire wrapped gemstone jewelery and charms ~ I initially learned the process from experts in their field then let go of the outside influence and trusted my own creative process ~ you can check out my latest pictures here on my facebook page for Magical Creations and Aligned Designs ~ I am absolutely LOVING making these ~ they defo have magical powers ~ to create and wear!  😉 If you would like one just get in touch ~ 1 off ~ bespoke and to orders as well as whats on my page ~ etsy shop coming SOON WHOOHOOOOO!

thanks for all your love and support ~ I appreciate you!

beaming you SO much love and loadsa HUGS too 🙂

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