Serendipity ~ Treasured Friendships ~ The Delicious Colours of Life

Natural Beautiful Colourful Vibes from Pacha Mama

I have seen SO many rainbows over the last few days ~ yes the rain has been pouring, the wild winds and storms crashing and gushing ~ between all of that the delicious colours of life have been shining as the sun pops in to say hello 🙂

I the midst of many changes happening for me ~ flowing with whatever life brings in each moment rather then censoring or picking and choosing the flow I have really started to sense the changes happening in the world around me.

I also popped to the hairdressers down in the ever beautiful Holmfirth and opted for a change of look today too with low lights as well as my usual high lights.  Significant for how life is flowing?  yes I believe so…..

Everything on the outside mirroring our inner world ~ our YOUniverse 🙂

Loving my new doo and also feeling really fulfilled with the wonderful friends and connections I have been meeting over this past number of days.  Great conversations and lovely company 🙂  I was cutting some lavender in the garden the other day when a friend I hadn’t seen for a couple of month walked up the lane.   It was SO lovely to share a bunch of lavenders, a tour around my cottage and a nice cuppa camomile in the garden, the sun shone just long enough for us to appreciate the last of the summer warmth…

Had a super magical meet up at the friends meeting house in high flatts that evening too with meditations and lots of delicious clarity about the mayan wavespells ~ and more great connections with old friends and people I haven’t seen in a while with many amazing synchronicities between us all.  The synchronicity continued when we went over to visit our friends at the ever beautiful Manor Farm cottage for a lovely evening meal next to the real fire, the couple who used to live in our cottage were there with there baby boy (who was the reason they moved meaning we manifested living here ~ his birthday is the same as mine too ~ chance ?  I think not 😉 ) We had such a lovely heart warming evening for which I am really grateful….

& this afternoon a lovely friend is coming over for doggie walks with her 3 beagles to meet magical Milo my labradoodle pup (& BFF) I am SO excited to give her the tour of greenwood cottage and the surrounding countryside and views 🙂  BLISS!

I am sure there is meaning in that last week I decided to leave my Liz Green law of attraction queen stuff behind and start a fresh as just me (my website here will be updated very soon) It feels free and flowing and knowing that all these lovely connections have happened since them just shows me that I am back in flow…. I really do love living here and sharing this beautiful place with everyone.  Which also gets me feeling excited about the possibilities of meeting you too.

Something from within me is saying it would be beneficial to change my coaching packages around.  I have been feeling for a while that knowing my own deservability (is that a word lol 😉 ) I am more than happy to make my packages much more affordable for everyone who feels aligned with it.  So after I have posted this blog here today I am going to update my prices and packages to suit where I am at, setting up some payment plans too as well as offering reduced rates and energy exchanges as requested.  This feels so freeing and right for where I am at…  I know many “business” folk would query this ~ for me my “business” is no longer a separation, coaching is part of my life, it enriches, fulfills and supports me to thrive too 🙂

Its SO lovely to be able to share here too….. openly…. as it comes up… my musings ~ ramblings and Liz~ness ~ whatever it be in each now moment 🙂

I made a video in bed the other mornings too ~ panda eyes and all! LOL

Someone asked if I have a boyfriend in the comments ~ I do ~ he was out early morning mountain biking which left me time to wake up feeling rested and inspired ~ and its so lovely to share this 🙂 he’s over in Wales riding the forests and mountains today and tomorrow, very much looking forward to him coming home to some nice home made foods and a toasty real fire tomorrow evening 🙂

LG ~ Lifes Good ~ Liz Green!  May these wonderful and very magical serendipities continue I am loving this game of life!

Yes it is!

I hope you are feeling in flow and fulfilled too and I am beaming you SO much love 🙂

If you feel you would like to connect for some support and coaching or just a chat get in touch I would love to hear from you…. As i always say ~ We are all in this together 🙂

Love to you on this blustery day

Liz 🙂

& heres a video I made whilst having tea and buscuits to share more about my recent changes ~

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