New Vantage Points ~ Healings & Energy Shifts ~ Can you feel it ?

My BFF Magical Milo contemplating the tree swing!

Had a magical day today ~ lots of out and about~ness which is fab ~ looking forward to some nice fresh salad for tea shortly and then Place in the Sun Home or Away with a nice glass of vino 😉 its all good!

Loving connecting with you all ~ sharing and co-creating this magical journey of life ~ whatever the weather its all good!  Symbolically enough its been super hazy today ~ you will see from my videos coming up shortly.  Firstly let me share more about the flow…..

I am REALLY enjoying playing with everyday magic both for myself and for those with whom I share my energy coaching.  Often we can get caught up looking for the BIG stuff we miss all the little magical stuff which is happening all the time…. Opening our eyes ~ widening our peripheral vision ~ taking it all in ~ living life at a slower pace ~ stopping and breathing deeply more often.  Doing this allows us to take it all in and to connect with the everyday magic on a powerful level or thats what I am feeling at the moment 😉

Synchronicity and symbolic meanings in EVERYthing ~ showing us we are the key creators to this illusion of life.

I know I have talked about “signs” on vans before today ~ post is also a great example of how “signs” can come to us.  I was connecting with friends this morning when the post came, “I jokingly said OOOooo there will be lots of meaning in that I’m sure” ~ catchphrases on the mail tying perfectly in with what we were chatting about ~ & this flyer for the National TRUST (when trust is the key I am clearing on right now ~ building my TRUST muscle 😉 )  The picture on it looked just like one of the views on my walk up the lane and over the hills (it wasn’t) but in that moment it looked like it and the word TRUST stood right out like it has lights around it.  I also chuckled as I knew I didnt have to wait until tomorrow to enjoy home as much as I do 🙂 its where the heart is hey! ♥ check it out… & if you follow my videos or have been to see me here in Upper Denby for coaching you will know what I mean… how cool is this!

Whats the saying ~ Small things…….

its all good though ~ however we can create more magical lives then I am all for it.  I have also been flowing with my day 4 of this particular wavespell from the mayans ~ today being about what my body is showing me via health and wellness and whats showing up to allow me to clear the way ~ clear out and clear up.  Its becoming SO very clear to me intuitively and I feel excited to share this intuitive connection more and more as I move along this life journey ~ maybe supporting you to connect with why certain “blocks” or cycles of contrast are showing up in life…. Goosebumps typing this here today! 🙂 exciting stuff 🙂

I have also has more fun and games with all our furry and feathered friends posting a picture of the hens on my ivy earlier…. I just popped by the landing window at the puuurfect moment! Great fun!

So much magic today 🙂 be sure to connect with me on facebook to keep up to date with it all ~ Liz on Facebook

I really feel that I have shifted my energy so much now that I am ok with just being where as it used to bring up so much contrast I just had to keep doing doing and doing some more….. Now I am ok with not doing too LOL

balance between both.  The natural eb and flow of life…. How are you doing with your balance?

Here’s more from my new vantage point up on the moorlands and swinging on the tree swing of life with Magical Milo my BFF

Bloody love my life!

Here for you too my dearest ~ if you would like to come see me for some YOU time and healing I am here to support you ~ or we can connect on Skype or the phone ~ I have just updated my coaching package prices and reduced my rates (my vibes said so ~ I value myself and what I do ~ money is just energy ~ it feels easier this way if we haven’t yet spoke I am offering an introductory session for 1 hour for the price of 30 minutes ~ so you get 1 hour with me for £40 ~ click here and message me if this feels good to you 🙂  I will also be updating my coaching page very soon as what I now offer is more based around energy coaching and intuitive support rather than just LOA ~ whatever comes up in each session perfectly orchestrated 🙂

enjoy the video vibes 😉

Part 1

Part 2

Magical Milos first time at the tree swing!  WHOOHOOOO! funnnn fun fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂

love you! 🙂

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