Time to Spread Your Wings & SHINE? Magical Manifesting & Syncronizing with the Life & YOU that You Love ♥

This is a time of big and powerful shifts and evolution ~ we are being called to be our own unique selves ~ to open up ~ to spread our wings and allow our beautiful YOUniverses to SHINE brightly 🙂

Can you feel it?

Over the past few months I have done a lot of my own personal clearing and healing and continue to do so as I travel along this journey of life 🙂 knowing its all good and all in perfect divine order.  I have been diving into a lot of personal contrast ~ diving deep and uncovering the pearls…..

I believe that once we have experienced these shifts first hand we can then reach out a hand and support others to do the same.  I would love to support you on your life journey.  Allow me to be your “permission slip” ~ your invitation to love the life you live ♥

Whats been holding you back?  What blockages and stoppages are you ready to clear out, release and let go of?

What would you absolutely love to do in life?  What peals are already there for you ~ just waiting for you to claim them?

If you chose to spread your wings and commit to your deepest inner dreams and desires how would you life be?  What would it look like?  What would it feeeeel like?  What would you be creating and sharing?  What would you be experiencing?

The darkness and shadows can be what holds us back ~ the fears ~ insecurities ~ what ifs……  When we can go into these dark corners and shine a light on what it may be (sometimes completely unrelated to what we may think it to be) then the expansion happens…. Our wings can open and reveal our beautiful feathers ready to carry us along the most delicious flight of life….

If you feel aligned with this and are at a point along your life journey where you feel a fellow traveler can support you to move in the direction you dream of I would love to be that traveler and cheer you along to loving the life you live.  Starting by allowing and accepting all as it is.  From this place powerful changes can be created.  Notice I said loving the life you live…. Its already here ~ all we have to do is connect with it ~ align with it ~ synchronize with it.

Synchronicity guides us ~ both negative and positive alignments ~ everything in the world around us ~ our YOUniverse ~ shows us what we are aligned with.  I would love to support you to highlight this and re~connect with this powerful way of living ~ following the universal breadcrumbs ~ the cosmic cookie trail which is here in each and every moment 🙂

To celebrate Synchronistic September and the coming months leading up to the end of 2013 and the beginning of a fresh new year in 2014 I am offering 1, 3 and 6 month coaching packages  to give you the opportunity to co-create and share in manifesting powerful changes in your life as we share together and have lots of fun along the way.  My countryside coaching offers SHINE ~ Support Healing Inspiration & Natural Empowerment ~ I believe you have all the answers within you ~ You are your own GURU ~ Gee yoU aRe yoU

Together we can locate the keys and open the doors 🙂

How does this feel to you?

I offer a complimentary chat so we can connect on Skype and share some vibes so you can see if you feel what I offer is what you are looking for.  Trust your vibes and follow your heart ♥  YOU always know whats best for you ♥

My coaching is intuitive and co-creative in each moment and evolves as we progress.  We set powerful intentions together following the energy and allowing this magical Universe ~ YOUniverse to guide us in each powerful now moment.  Out with the old and in with the new.  Creating space and aligning vibrationally with Love ♥

In addition to the monthly packages and if you feel a shorter session to start with suits you I am also offering 1 hour breakthroughs including a 30 minute follow up….. You can choose your ideal option below and book via paypal.  Or simply message me direct  Liz@liz-green.com or call me on skype ~ lizgreen111 or on 07834 363897 (UK number)

Magical Options ~ Choose Your Ideal

Sessions can be done via Skype Video or over the phone from wherever you are in the world or if you are in the UK (or love to travel) I am based in the beautiful countryside village of Upper Denby near the peak district in the UK ~ in the heart of last of the summer wine country ~ There’s a beautiful holiday cottage on the lane where I live as well as wonderful bed and breakfasts within a short ride away, if you are coming in person sessions are a minimum of 2 hours and we can tailor the package to suit you ~ such as a half or full day VIP then follow ups over skype or a 3, 5 or 1 week intensive.   See what feels good to you  and reach out let me know how I can support you 🙂

All sessions include full email support in~between as well as a full backlog of video courses I have created (valued at well over £200)

payment plans and bespoke packages also available just ask 🙂   You can also book my one to one coaching by the hour further details are listed here on my main coaching page…. Countryside Coaching with liz

lets get to know each other and connect online too ~ here’s my links ~ Live on Youtube & Facebook page

I am very much looking forward to connecting with you and beam you SO much love and happiness ♥

Liz 🙂

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