Having doubts and feeling insecure about ourselves and who we really are….

Is being ourselves something we need to “learn” or remember….?

Its funny how a something as simple as a message on the yogi Tea can bring up so much for me…. I guess thats what its like when you are intense with the symbolic meanings and synchronicity of life… all good tho!

Thats whats led me here today to share this 🙂  and once again I find myself saying ~ “all in perfect divine order….”

I guess by saying this I can let myself of the hook a little.  To be really open with you here today I have been feeling a little paranoia about all my recent changes and new flows which are flowing. I find myself blogging and making videos mostly everyday talking about whatever is happening and coming up which I feel inspired to share… Sometimes I don’t know why and sometimes I think I am rambling on about something and nothing or making mountains out of pretty simple molehills ~ thread through the eye of the needle…. Pin pointing things which should just be left…. Going over old ground…. (That reminds me of the mud love heart I saw on my walk the other day 😉 )

Again I find my ego self saying “for gods sake Liz ~ MUD LOVE HEARTS!?!? WTF!?!?!”

Then little ol’ me saying “But I like seeing love hearts everywhere even in the MUD!”

Self judgements ~ doubts and insecurities about self…..  We all get them!

& its all good ~ even hearts in the mud! 🙂

We are moving from the constraints of what we think we should be to who we really are… taking off the masks ~ the suits ~ the telephone voices ~ the stiff upper lips ~ the ironed out ~ starched out ~ who society thinks we should be old ways and bringing back our true heart centered selves.  Warts, muddy hearts and all 😉

time to be ourselves ~ Be You Be YOUnique  😉

ahhhhh.. yes….. feels good to share this here today 🙂

I didn’t even set an intention to start making my daily videos or doing my blogs again it just kind of happened.  Now maybe a part of me is thinking I should have a “plan” and it should all mean something…. The paradox is ~ nothing ~ no~thing really does.

The lovely delicious feeling middle ground is where we are supporting ourselves and being supported and held by this magnificent universe and all the magnificent beings upon it (yes thats us)

When I am coaching and sharing vibes I always find myself saying “Its time to SHINE” or something similar~ just posted this on my Facebook page ~ Its time to shine! and shine bloody brightly too!! what says you?

as I type this here today my word count is 444 ~ 444 being a message from the angels to say they agree with our thoughts or in the world of numerology a message to say change your negative thoughts ~ a mix of both serves me well here today 🙂

How cool this all is!  Instant magical manifestations of the simplest form bringing such clarity 🙂 and its always here all we have to do is tune into it and as the yogi tea says ~ BE OURSELVES

I am listening to this playing in the background inspired by the message ~ SO true!

The clarity it brings up ~ as I said before do we “need” to “learn” to be ourselves and as Oasis sing do we even “need” to be ourselves…?  We just ARE!  How simple is that…. we just are ourselves in each moment….

and thats all we can be….  Releasing any desire to change anything here ~ simply just being ~

with that said its so cool to highlight where we may be having these doubts and feeling insecure in the skin we are in….  This is part of clearing the way ~ allowing ourselves to know ourselves from the inside out ~ EVEN better 🙂  To shine where we are in the here and now rather than waiting until the here and now is more perfect ~ if we choose this we will always be waiting and it will never be perfect ~ human nature ~ imperfections ~ imperfect ~ i’m~perfect ~

Self judgements out of the way here’s the last few videos I made ~ some have had a few views and little comments ~ maybe thats where the paranoia came from ?!?? heehee! (please dont pity comment on my videos now though lol 😉 ) only messin’ its all good I love to hear from you!  As I feel the pull to (which I usually do all the time) I will share my journey and I will continue to make my videos and blog about whatever old shit pops up…. I really do find it rather fun you know 😉 🙂 😉

beaming you so much love and lotsa happy vibes ~ I’ m feeling supersonic ~ time for Gin and Tonic ~ & I might be a girl who’s into Alca Seltzer (is that how you spell it??lol) and I am a bit of a nutty nut ~ sometimes small nuts grow into HUGE oak tress…. check out the ones I found this morning on our magical milo monday morning walk ~

"The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground."

Videos coming up next 😉

I felt a BIG pull to share about my experiences with panic attacks after a number of syncros with this ~

Ahhhhmazing mini manifestations (as in the cars minis ~ the old ones which are super cool and collectable now)

& sharing more this morning about my to do list in the mist ~ which isn’t actually even a to do list… cause what is there to do???  thats right… nothing ~ no~thing

We are the ones who give ourselves “stuff” to do… whatever it be ~  ~  ~

love ya!

see you soooooon and if you would like to connect get in touch ~ energy coaching ~ support ~ clarity ~ healing or some fun with me in the country ~ whatever it be its all good 🙂

PS ~ magical Milo found this amazing old mill stone on our walk ~ I really felt it was the universe saying dont worry i got my eye on you hunny 😉

I got my all seeing EYE on you 🙂

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