We are enough ~ Just as we are ~ Everything else is just to enhance life!

Helloooooo! How are you?  I hope today is magical for you whatever the weather 🙂   Its all good hey!

This week I have been reminded by my inner spirit and fabulous “signs” and synchronicities that I and my life is enough exactly as it is.   There is no need to change anything and I am always provided for…..

My chaps off work this week and we have both had a fab time at the cottage appreciating the simple things in life.  Like we all do we have chatted about things we would love to happen and how life could be even better than I came to the realization that we actually have everything we require.    Even though it may not always appear so to the ego self life is already perfect in its imperfection and so are we (yes you included)

Anything else we are adding to life is just to enhance it.

I love the thought of enhancing this already magical life ~ enhancing it in whatever way unfolds….. exciting stuff!

What if everything we manifest is just an enhancement.  We can take it or leave it.  There is no needing wanting and trying to do and be and create….. Its already here and this magical universe ~ a power far greater than we could ever know always supports and provides for us.

Well thats how I am feeling.  I am seeing so much evidence of it too 🙂

Such a simple and fulfilling week.  The natural beauty of life and all its wonderful wonders 🙂

I know it can be hard when you are caught up in the crap, trust me on this one the lights always shining.  The sun always comes up and the air is always here to breathe.  Ahhhhhhhh yes.  Take a nice deep breath with me 🙂

I absolutely loved going to Yoga earlier this week ~ we did some chanting which I really enjoyed.  Love to share the words and their meanings with you here today ~ (thank you to magical Melissa for sharing these in her wonderful Yoga class 🙂 )

Mahavakya ~ In the indian tradition some mantra are known as mahavakya or great sayings.  They often express in a poetic way the presence of the divine within everyday existence.

om asato ma sadgamaya ~ lead me from what it unreal to what is real

om tamaso ma jyortirgamaya ~ lead me from darkness to light

om mrtyorma amrtam gamaya ~ lead me from what dies to what is eternal

how wonderful this all is…. the perfect words at the perfect time.  I have also found myself posting the following on facebook a couple of times this week ~ a reminder to self yes and something to share with you too ~ you manifested being here so you are meant to know this too ~



we are perfect just as we are ~ may not always feel so ~ or we may not always be able to feel so ourselves ~ all we can do in this time and space reality is trust the process.  To know that everything is in perfect divine order or that this human condition brings in the imperfections to allow us to see through the fog and appreciate what is.  Just like the eyes we have to read (type) this here today.  Just like technology which allows us to connect, share and co-create as we do.  Just like the air we breath ~ the clothes on our back ~ the water and food to nourish us.  We ALL have something to appreciate and we are ALL enough ~ just as we are 🙂

I am beaming you so much love for sharing this journey with me and would love to connect.  If it feels good to you and you would like some support on your life journey my doors always open just get in touch…. I share a magical meditation and lots of inspiration on an online teleclass yesterday evening (which was SO much fun!) there will be a recording up soon so stay tuned ~ and in case you missed it here’s my last video sharing more about stopping being tough on ourselves and knowing that its all good ~ enjoy!

& here’s my latest message from the yogi tea ~ yesssss we hear you loud and clear universe # its time to let go 🙂

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