LOA in Action ~ Magical Manifesting & My Puppy Milo sent on Angels Wings!

Its SO lovely to be sharing with you here today 🙂  thank YOU for being here!  Wherever you are in the world, know that we are all connected ~ beautiful strings of energy flowing out all around the world connecting us all together….. Can you feel it?

Relax, take a nice deep breath and enjoy sharing in my magical manifestations ~ remembering we are all this POWerful and are here to love our lives and create magic each and every day  🙂  Sometimes we just forget!

If you have been following my journey you will know that about 3 months ago we moved into our ideal cottage in the country ~ & I LOVE IT HERE WOOP WOOP! 😉  I went through a period of “this is too good to be true, somethings gonna go wrong” and have now relaxed into the flow knowing that all is in perfect divine order… trusting ~ breathing ~ relaxing ~ letting go ~ allowing….  Having fun, breathing it all in and enjoying each and every delicious moment of it all……

The more I do this the more the magic happens….. A part of me still wants to do do do and control stuff and I am loving this part of me too knowing its all good… As I let go and trust my inspiration, following the universal breadcrumbs and my heart life is just flowing in such a magical way!

I would love for you to meet Magical Milo our new puppy we rescued ~ he’s a 4 month old Labradoodle and he is ADORABLE!  Whilst I sit here typing this today he is asleep on my feet supporting me to stay grounded and feel the balance…  He certainly was sent on angels wings and I am in total appreciation my family circle and my world feels so complete… My 4 boys ~ Cat (my chap) Levi and Lloyd (my cats) and Magical Milo AkA S~Milo !  🙂 Bless em!  Hows it get any better than this?  What else is possible?

As well as Milo I have been having lots of other ahhhmazing manifestations (too many to share here..lol ~ be sure to connect with me on facebook where I share them as they happen ~ SO exciting! Click here and lets connect ~ this time last week I gave a talk at the iCan event called I can connect to the universe where I shared my story of the Manifestation of Magical Milo as well as a heart centering meditation (thats why I have my eyes shut on the picture ~ I wasn’t asleep 😉 ) I gave this talk without a plan and trusted I would connect with the universe and the magic would flow… and flow it did… that said I did have some contrast along the way ~ thats all good too ~ with the contrast comes the clarity ~ its natural ~ balanced 🙂

I knew I had to be at the iCan event ~ even if it wasn’t my usual style ~ it was this connection which led me to milo!  The syncro’s the “signs” the incidences that perfectly coincide (aka coincidences) I ended up going out to collect some feathers to take with me the day before the event ~ I got a bee in my bonnet to go right away which wasnt at the usual time I walk….. I met the most gorgeous lady with her dog suzie ~ she said I should have a dog (spell it backwards!) and recommended I go up to the local kennels about 2 miles up the road ~ she said my perfect dog would be there….. So we went that afternoon ~ & he was!  Milo had just been dropped off as the lady who got him was allergic!

My heart connected with his right away and I knew I was his new muM!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOOSEBUMPS!

May I just say at this particular moment he is snoring!  and he trumps, and they smell!  & he ate my blue glass beads in the garden and we had to take him to the vets ~ even that was syncro as I had just listened to this Mooji video and posted on facebook about the sun even shining on poop ~ its all good!  and then the sun shone on Milo’s poop and it sparkled a blue glass bead in the middle!! hahaa SO funny 🙂  and so much fun 🙂

With all that said he is so sweet, intelligent and connected!  he is already sitting and giving a paw and is doing SO well for a baby!  bless him…. One of my dreams is to have an animal sanctuary ~ could this be the beginning ?  Our cottage is open plan so we feel like we have a farm with only one barn….. It feels full of SO much love and I appreciate every little bit of it, thank YOu magical Universe 🙂

Yesterday I was invited to go back to BBC Radio Leeds to be interviewed about happiness on Liz Greens Breakfast show (Another Liz Green ~ Talk about LOAinaction!) ~ its  just over a year since I was last there this also brought up some old stuff ~ patterns ~ cycles we all go through… this time around I was on the merry go round!   It wasn’t a big deal like last time and now I have been training for my own radio show on Penistone FM I am used the studio and the flow ~ My own show starts in about 3 weeks and will be called Breakfast with Liz Green!  How funny is this…. 🙂

I wasn’t that fussed about traveling to Leeds and sorting out Puppy care and could have done the interview on the phone, that said I just knew I should be there, similar feeling to the iCan event ~ a feeling of been here done it and this is just a cycle coming round again… & it was ~ & I guess life is filled with cycles and patterns for us all… What I know in my heart in the now is that each time they come around we have evolved and changed ~ this time for me I felt SO relaxed and in flow ~ the interview ended up been super short and sweet as the show had nearly finished, it was fun and got my feeling VERY Plugged in so I decided to take my self off on a walkabout and a bit of a wonder around the shops….

I had the most magical few hours filled with LOAinaction and goosebumps!  I attracted an amazing arrange of magical clothes with love hearts and flying unicorns on (funky dresses) the most delicious fruit smoothie and great conversations with everyone who crossed my path… I felt like I was floating around carried by angels wings ~ everything just clicking perfectly into place…. This feeling is staying with me more and more…. Do you feel it?

Paradise on earth… Wherever we are and whenever we are ~ its always here ~ even in a car park.. this was the video I made before I went into the studio… I guess everything I required to say is on here anyway ~ all in perfect divine order ~

I am beaming you So much love and thank you once again for being here…. we are all in this together ~ travelers on the journey of life ~ evolving at such a fast pace and learning from each others shining examples ~ I hope my light supports you to see more clearly in any darkness and would love to offer my support to you….

My inspiration in the now moment is to gift everyone who joins Magical YOUniverse community a complimentary taster session with me on the phone or skype & I am V excited to connect with you and hear all about your life journey and the clarity you would love to manifest… It all here for yoU!  All you have to do is align and do what feeeeeeeeeeeeeels GOOD 🙂

Click here to join Magical YOUniverse Once you have joined I will message you about your session 🙂 How great can this all be?

See you over in Magical YOUniverse & if you would like to come see me get in touch I have meet ups, gatherings, retreats and one to ones available and ready for the ideal divine orchestrations!  WHOOHOOOO!

see you soon

lotsa love

liz 🙂

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