Magical Life Weekly Guidance Video ~ Feathers from the Angels & Re~Connecting with YOU

I am SO excited to be sharing this new level of flow with you 🙂  Each week I will be recording a universally guided message of hope, inspiration and clarity to support you to reach for new levels of happiness in your life.  For the last few months I have been connecting with the universe and writing these guided messages supporting myself with whatever has been coming “up and out” on my life journey ~ On Magical Monday I decided I would love to share them with you 🙂

This message includes lots of heart opening guidance to offer you support and allow you to know how powerful you really are ~ we do a releasing meditation together which set me off crying!  I know it will help you clear and release too ~ my tears flowing on this video made me hesitate to share ~ being vulnerable ~ I know when we are vulnerable we invite swift change and connect with our authentic selves ~ I invite you to do the same….

To take part in this video guidance simply click the paypal button below to purchase its a value exchange of £11.11 ~ You will then be sent an email with the video links and lotsa love and thank yous from me 🙂  or you can access it by joining the Magical YOUniverse community which also includes the 21 days of magic and previous online workshops I have offered ~ Click here to access Magical YOUniverse

I am also in the process of bringing together a selection of guided messages to form my first book, for me its important to interact on video as well as sharing the written word which is why I chose to start recording these videos.  I hope you enjoy sharing in this as much as I enjoyed co-creating it alongside our magical Universe for your YOUniverse 😉

Here I share more about how this was all birthed!

Shared with infinite Love ♥

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