Law of Attraction Summit 2013 ~ SO excited to share this with youhoohooo!

I have been invited to share my vibes on a sooper dooper Law of Attraction Summit alongside lots of wonderful pioneers of positive change!  I am inviting you to join this summit for FREE ~ how cool is this?

here’s lots of delicious details…. & some questions for you to ponder…..

Imagine being in a room with a group of highly successful Law of Attraction leaders.
What would you ask?
Would you have questions about…
  • Making the Law of Attraction work for you?
  • Achieving success – no matter what your current circumstances?
  • Financial prosperity and abundance?
  • Creating a life you love?
  • Overcoming your fears for unlimited life happiness?
What questions do you need answered, to begin living a life you deserve?
If you have questions about the Law of Attraction (or are looking to take your life to the next level), you need to check out this one-off, online event:

Click here to register for FREE

Recognised online as ‘the Law of Attraction Queen’ and founder of a leading online LOA community, I was asked to deliver a presentation for the ‘Law of Attraction Summit’ which starts on Monday, June 17th.
Let me know what you think of my session – “Clearing Your Vibes & Connecting with The Law of Attraction” – it won’t cost you anything to watch.
As well as myself, there will be another 9 speakers during this 10 day event – all delivering a ton of life-changing information!
The other reason I’m personally tied into this event is because 50% of any proceeds are going to the Unstoppable Foundation charity to sponsor a village in Africa.
So, as an attendee you’ll benefit from dynamite information and you’ll be helping a great cause.

How much fun can this all be?  What are the infinite positive possibilities?

Beaming you soooooooo much love! 🙂

P.S Register now and gain exclusive access to all 10 teacher sessions for zero cost. For lifetime access to all recordings, take advantage of the ‘pick your price’ promotion – but hurry, this promotion ends soon, so get your ticket now!

Click here to register for FREE

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