Nature Nurture ~ Countryside Coaching Super Special Launch Offer! How great can this be?

We are here to THRIVE!  We are here to breathe deeply relax release and enjoy life, life is supposed to be fun and easy…..  Nature is here to nurture us in each and every moment and this magical Universe is here to support us to live our most magnificent lives! 🙂

After nearly 6 years of clearing and cleaning up my own vibes I have manifest the move on a lifetime ~ a dream come true!  I have moved to the countryside, a beautiful cottage in Upper Denby near to the East Peak District.  Dreams DO come true when we clear our vibes…. We create what we vibrate every moment of every day 🙂

I feel I have been positioned here by our magical Universe to support you to clear your vibes too (as well as lots of other juicy things I am creating!)  I will support you to clear away anything which is stopping you, blocking you and disallowing you from living your most magnificent life.  I will support you to get clear about the kind of life you would LOVE to be living and move confidently towards that…. I am a vibrational clearing ~ a wayseer ~ a light shiner ~ a pioneer of positive change and I absolutely love to tune into you and be your guide.

I would love to invite you to come and have some vibe clearing fun with me.  If you can come in person BRILLiant if not we can connect on Skype or the Phone, see what feels best to you.

Countryside Coaching is NOW OPEN and I would love to hear from you 🙂   My energy coaching is very flowing and in the moment, we follow the energy and I use many different techniques including heart opening questions, intuitive guidance, contrast to clarity, future pacing, magical manifesting, EFT, Ho~oponopono, Hawaiian Healing, moving up the emotional scale (teachings from Abraham hicks) and lots lots more ~ we will just see what comes up and out in each moment 🙂  & know that whatever is coming up and out its all good…   Wherever you are on the emotional scale its right where you are supposed to be, allow the emotions to be 🙂

I have set up a special launch offer available for all bookings made in May ~ In person packages available start at a minimum of 2 hours or half & full day packages.  There are plenty of beautiful places to stay just nearby to where I live including a delicious holiday cottage just across the field, talk about Law of Attraction in action! its all in perfect divine order….  Skype and phone sessions are cool too, see whats best for youhoohoooo… You will pick up the vibration of clarity from this magical place I now reside….

If you are coming to see me in person we can go out and play in nature too with a magical walk to Denby Delph past the huge old oak with a stop to go on the tree swing and a picnic if you fancy it (& if we manifest the ideal weather too 😉 )   We can drink tea in the garden and share vibes with the Alpacas, in case its weather to be warm and cosy inside I will light a real log fire and we can following the energy inside.    If you feel you would like to incorporate some hands on healing I would love to do this too on my magical purple treatment table.  My healing technique was gifted to me by spirit and is called HEART ~ Healing Energy Attunement and Release Technique ~ this can also be done remotely if you are going for an online session….

I am super excited to co-create with you and support you to shine your light and shine it bright.  we are magnificent beings and we are here to be just that!

SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER FOR ALL BOOKINGS MADE IN MAY ~  Saving you up to £100 of my usual prices… ♥

♥ 1 hour @ £85   ♥ 2 hours @ £160  ♥ 4 hour Package ~ Half Day VIP Package @ £300   ♥ 8 hour Package ~ Full Day VIP Package @ £600 ♥

**** The Hours are Use as You Choose ~ 2 hours minimum in person ~ Skype & Phone Sessions can be 30 minutes upwards with 1 hour allowed for first session, any questions just ask ~ bespoke packages can be created as you choose ~ payment plans also available ~ just ask 🙂 *****

PLUS EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS GIFT!   I will also gift you the SHINE 5 week online video program which I recorded at the end of 2012 ready for this new era and new energy we now live in 🙂 I am soooooooooooooooo excited to share with you 🙂

Book using the paypal menu below…. If you would like to connect before booking call me on 07834 363897 Skype lizgreen111 email ~ I would love to gift you a complimentary consultation 🙂

Magical Choices….

If you feel you would prefer to have e-mail coaching and / or a letter from Liz this will be more of a match for you ~ Click here for Letters from Liz & Magical Messages from the Universe

Check out the view from my back garden!

& some other views for you to enjoy 🙂 get a feel for this amazing energy you can experience 🙂  Life is TRULY MAGICAL 🙂 LOVE YOU! 🙂

So excited to meet you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Enjoy this video I made today at my Apu… this is about 20 minutes walk across the fields from my cottage……

bliss~ful~filled 🙂

Our online community Magical YOUniverse is here ~ Magical YOUniverse

& my main coaching page is here ~ One to One Coaching with liz

Infinite love to youhoohoooo 😉

liz 😉

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