Letting go of resistance & being OK with it all ~ Emptying Our Vibrational Vessels

I started today meditating in the garden ~ new for me!  I quietened down the mental chatter and stuck with it…  i phone at the ready with the timer set to let me know once 15 minutes was UP….  Lots of inspiration and light flooded in towards the end….  I love the saying “Its all Good” and say it lots…. During todays meditation I really KNEW that it is all good….

Do you know what I mean?

I feel when we go through testing times in life like dis…ease, illness, addictions, loss, pain, depression and all of all of “those” things we all go through ~ The lower level emotions which are simply just part of life.  The it really does help to be in a state of being able to let go of “trying” to control the outcomes or filter whats happening.  Its good to remember about brief focus on the contrast when it comes to the Law of Attraction ~ that said its time for these corks to pop up and the emotions we may have once held onto to come up and out to allow our vibrational vessels to clear.  This was we can allow more light in 🙂

What says you?

I chat more about whats coming up for me in todays countryside coaching video, love to hear your thoughts and connect ~ get in touch 🙂  We are all in this together…. I am also filled with an abundance  of appreciation and gratitude today which feels Ahhhhhhh~mazing….. Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

& if you would like to hear more about my experience with Menieres Dis….ease and how I cleared up the contrast this week enjoy having a nosy at my other blog… Loving ourselves no matter what

& if you would like some support and love the thought of connecting my doors always open ~ reach out… get in touch 🙂 Liz-Green.Com & lots more about Countryside Coaching here ~ Countryside One to Ones with Liz Click here ~ we can connect from wherever you are in the world

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