How to Stop Self Sabotaging Happiness Joy and Bliss~ful~filled Feelings….

Release Self Sabotage which stops happiness joy & bliss

Do you ever find yourself reaching a point in life where things are going better than they were or maybe they are even going really well, or you are on the verge of AMAZING~ness and your inner self saboteur wants you to stop the flow of happiness, joy and bliss by creating blockages and stoppages…? Β Whatever they be for you, we all do it! Β & its all good!

When we are identifying we are doing it we can clear up our vibes surrounding this self sabotage and clear the way for much happier joyful and bliss~ful~filled times….

I invite you to enjoy this months heart centering meditation and online workshop to support you to SHINE your light and shine it bright ~ Β this workshop includes heart centering meditation followed by inspiration from me, heart opening guided questions, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and a magical message from the universe ~ excited to share! Β  Life is supposed to be this good πŸ™‚

There are 2 ways you can access this workshop ~ purchase it online here by clicking the paypal button below Β ~ The investment to do this is Β£11.11 ~ once purchase is confirmed by clicking the paypal button below you will be sent an automatic email with a special message from me and all the links to access the videos πŸ™‚ or you can join the Magical YOUniverse community which will give you access to this workshop as well as all of the others I have created and the 21 days of magic ~ lots more info here ~ Magical YOUniverse Community ~ congrats to youhoohooo this is a life changing step!

beaming you lotsa love and thank yous for being here πŸ™‚

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