Many little things can create powerful positive change…. & Manifesting my dream country cottage

We have moved in!  and check out the views from within and nearby….

I really do feel like dreams DO come true…. Where we are living is what I have been “asking” for for years!  our very own unique and beautiful countryside cottage with Alpaca’s and chickens in the field at the back of the garden and the most beautiful countryside walk to the local post office where I can post my letters from Liz & Gratitude Bracelets 🙂 thank you thank you thank you magical Universe 🙂

Its a week today since we moved in and I fee like I have lived here forever, its most definitely the law of attraction in action too 🙂

Magical manifesting at its best!  I have started writing my first book too WHOOHOO!  That said I have also been clearing up on some contrast (aren’t we always?) here’s the video I made a couple of days ago and the clarity flowing in already is immense 🙂

I’m ok with this now, rather than it being a big drama and me the drama queen, rather than LOA Queen, I am accepting that when it comes to manifesting its all good… Law of attraction doesnt just  manifest the stuff we DO want or would love… I posted this on my facebook this morning ~ Law of Attraction isn’t just about attracting the positives – its about attracting what we attract and understanding why feeling it and breathing through it – then clearing up on the contrast and moving on UP the emotional scale to align with our ideals 🙂

Moving on UP!  taking the bounce… the not so good stuff is ok – its just the taking flight point ~ are you ready to fly with me?

Let me share some fun stuff which has happened since I “cleaned up” my vibes ~ little things non the less great things with fabulous meanings – great universal indicators – breadcrumbs and a delicious cosmic cookie trail which I am following 🙂   Before I do have a look at the view from my new garden which was the place I was inspired to start writing my first book ~

Hows it get EVEN better than this?  What else is possible?

I LOVE IT HERE!  Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So the juicy little law of attraction in action moments I feel excited to share… During my first walk into Denby Dale the local village near where we live in Upper Denby (Up Up High 😉 ) I made the above video I shared about my contrast after which I contemplated Meditation and how great it would be to attract a local meditation group, as I know for me its easier to quieten my mind sharing the experience together…   I popped to the good food shop for my delicious food stuffs and as I turned to leave spotted a purple flyer with a lovely tree picture on it… Local meditation group!  ahhhhhaaaa 🙂  I looked at the dates and it was old – that said when I got home I called the number and the lovely guy who runs it said “thats a coincidence you should be calling and have just moved into the area I am starting another one up next week!” Bingo!  thank you magical universe 🙂

The next day I was popping back down to Denby Dale to the post office with some gratitude bracelets, its a beautiful walk and I have made  a personal commitment to be outside as much as I can, walking, breathing in fresh country air to aid my healing 🙂  * if I am inside I am even having my attic room (which is the beautiful space I am writing and coaching from) window open as much as possible, so long as my fur babies cant jump out onto the roof they are house cats for the next few weeks until they settle in..   That said I am typing from my mum and dads today as my internets all up and running next week YaY! 🙂  So where was I… 😉

Ah yes the next day…. On the walk through the fields, past the horses and alpaca’s (there’s another alpaca field nearby with 8 in it! & with the 3 nearby to me thats 11 alpaca’s – I could be in Peru again!)  I was thinking about magically manifesting all the things we require for the cottage and a window clearer popped into mind.  As I passed the church and reached the main road in the village a window cleaner was walking right past me on his rounds!  I booked him in and chuckled at the ease…

I have pre~seeded that my walks out in nature and connections with each and every person I meet will be synchronistic and bring me all the things I desire and require…. rather than ever having to “try” again things are just magically provided in each now moment 🙂  I will set the intention here today that this goes for everything I am doing… I have experienced this kind of magical manifesting over the years until now its been a bit more like the push me pull you animal (were they lama’s or alpaca’s?  or are they the same thing? lol)  me trying ~ letting go ~ needing ~ surrendering ~ wanting ~ giving up and so on and so on… its all good, we all do it hey!

As I left the village a green balloon blew past me which reminded me of being sat in the car last friday when Cat (my chap) had gone to pick up the cottage keys – as I looked up there was a HUGE load of balloons let off just above where I was – must have been from a celebration, party or wedding or maybe just the universe sending them to me to celebrate….  It gave me the goosebumps! 🙂   I walked home smiling… in flow..plugged into universal energy super excited about manifesting our dream cottage in the country….

On the way home I was really noticing little details of what the universe was bringing into my day, the cosmic cookie trail as one of my coaches calls it.. Following this trail I was led to 2 drawings which a little girl called Elena has dropped in a field – nothing else around just the drawings with her name on… bless her! and pictures of giraffes – 3 of them in total.  Pretty pictures they were too, super sweet… Back online today I googled the meaning of Giraffes – check this out….  You can read the  meaning here ~ Whats your sign Giraffe

So much juice here!  So much LOAinaction 🙂  Move through challenge maintaining balance and grace were the words which stood out as well as far reaching visions….

Wouldn’t it be great for this to happen all the time… in each and every magical moment we are awakened to these powerful meanings in our own lives….. ahhhhhh yes I feel the magic flowing… do you?

Then on one last little magical note I logged onto facebook this morning and my beautiful friend had posted the picture below… as I was putting this blog post together!

great stuff!

what else is possible magical universe?  I will continue with my good thoughts 🙂 🙂 🙂

Continue to surprise and delight me beyond my wildest dreams!  mwah!

All of these magical little moments have strengthened my faith and belief and I feel GR8 today 😉

Beaming you lotsa love and thank yous for being here ♥  WE are doing GREAT! ♥  I love countryside coaching at my new country cottage ~ if I can support you in anyway or if you would like a letter from Liz or magical macrame bracelet get in touch my doors always open ♥  share with luuurve!

Liz 🙂

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