Helloo WHOLE NEW World! I am ready to enter my next life level… Are YOU?

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  it feels good to be starting a new season of the 21 days of magic…. Setting the intention that by sharing here I will gain lots of delicious clarity and Universal / YOUniversal guidance to support me in each now moment of my life journey :)))))

If you have been reading my posts and following my journey you will probably know that dis….ease popped back into my life for clearing and cleansing so I am starting this 21 days of magic focusing on creating balance in my life as well as allowing myself to enter this whole new life I am embarking on with our house move which may be this week or next ~ we will find out tomorrow….

I started a new BLOG specifically focused on creating balance and finding hope which relates to my journey with Menieres Dis…ease Click here to have a nosy ~ it feels good to allow everything to come up and out on here rather than hold things in I can share whats happening and know that it can also help others and this is my way to support my healing…. Just like I created this site and my Law of Attraction stuff ~ knowing for me on a personal level when I share in this manner I find relief ~ release and heal as I go along… YAY!

thank you Universe for providing such amazing ways for us to share and co-create! :))))))

As I type this post here today I am listening to Francine Jarry Cheeseball Abe songs ~ they feel soothing to me in this moment… like I am a little girl embarking on a new life journey ~ here’s the playlist…. enjoy!

This morning the song a WHOLE NEW WORLD was playing in my heart and I knew this was the theme for me… my move.. my moves… my changes ~ its a whole new world… what will this bring?  what magical new ways of being can I experience?  how easy can life be?  how balanced can life be?

I wrote my journal and did my angels cards before anything else this morning ~ I am reading a book called black holes and energy pirates too so i was looking into what “black holes” are within me… Black holes being the things which press my buttons and bring on emotional, physical, inner and outer contrast…. Allowing these “corks” to pop up and out remembering my own teachings I share on the SHINE program ~ click here to enjoy the intro…

Most important of all is feeling good…. feeling good… feeling good…..

breathing relaxing allowing….

So what would I LOVE to manifest this 21 days of magic?

I LOVE the thought of living my ideal life ~ I am prosperous and abundant in flow with easy world, I am confident and calm feeling balanced trusting in life.  Breathing deeply I am healthy and vibrant I LOVE feeling wellness health and vibrancy… I feel blissfully happy ~ when I cry its happy tears! I sleep well and have sweet dreams….  I focus on the now moment I am empowered and FREE… I feel secure certain and confident in each moment…  I have abundance in all area’s of my life and I am prosperous. I am flourishing BLOOMING & THRIVING!  WHOOHOOO! I am living my ideal life….   I am peaceful and relaxed filled with grace.  I am confident and successful I am meeting lots of fabulous people and experiencing lots of fabulous experiences…  I am living this delicious life experience each and every day listening to my inner guidance, my vibes my heart and soul trusting the process…  I have an abundance of time in my life, I am creating new pathways, cycles, habits and patterns ones which fulfill my highest good and the highest good of all of those around me….  I am open to the infinite possibilities in each and every moment… I am here I am ready and I am willing…

What are the infinite positive possibilities magical Universe?  How easy can this all be?

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