Ready to Make Your Move? Its time to Blossom & Bloom! Special SHINY Support for YOU

Spring is springing and we are well on with the move….   With that said I have been re~visiting some of my past creative creations to support us all to shine our beautiful gifts and our light out in the world…   I have been polishing up my vibes in lots of different area’s of my life ready for new levels and I am ready to support you to do the same 🙂

I am feeling its time to allow the petals to open and move onwards and upwards!  What do you feel?

I planned to share a special offer before I move as I have lots of new projects coming up once its all completed…. Before I even had chance to share it here I had Law of Attraction in action and magical manifestations with people asking my about my SHINE coaching packages and video training course. Exciting when it happens this easily!

I created the SHINE video training course about 3 months ago, its packed with life changing tips tricks techniques and ways of being which I have learnt and loved along the way ~ its my take on how we can best shine our lights and shine them bright ~ supporting you to do the same….   Its a 2 or 5 week long online video course complete with worksheets and videos delivered direct to your inbox every few days ~ its fab and I realize it should be shared more…. its life changing stuff 🙂  I did a free webinar introduction and would love for you to experience this ~ click here to view ~ webinar ~ sick of feeling stuck? unlock the secrets to the real you and shining bright!

its not our darkness we are most afraid of its out light and how brightly we will shine ~ as we shine our lights (whatever way we do that in our own younique youniverse) we in turn liberate others to shine their lights too ~ how can I liberate you?

I would love to support you on your journey and have set up a special gift from my heart to yours…  I will be gifting you the SHINE video training course for any one to one coaching bookings made ~  I would also love to offer you a complementary 30 minute coaching consultation if you are feeling this resonates with you….. just get in touch my doors always open ~ we can connect on the phone or skype ~ sessions can be carried out from anywhere in the world 🙂   if you are local we can do in person (minimum 2 hours)

Book Here ~

Your Choice ~

Payment plans also available ~ just ask!  My doors ALWAYS open 🙂 What are the infinite possibilities? You can check your price conversion here ~ Convert £’s to my currency

****** for 30 minute and 1 hour bookings you will receive the 2 week shine course, 4 hours you will receive the full 5 week course plus ~ added bonus if you book the 6  or 10 hour package you will receive copies of all of Liz’s online workshops which happen during your sessions ~ all of this is valued at well over £150*****

If you are feeling just doing the SHINE video program online is more of a match for you right now you can purchase here I am offering it @ HALF PRICE to support you to SHINE ~  How great can all of this be?  How much can you allow yourself to shine?

*****  as soon as you click purchase it will be e-mailed direct to your inbox  *****  You can also purchase the SHINE program as a gift (what an amazing gift ~ change someones life!) just mail me direct let me know its a gift and I will send you a voucher ecard as the gift and add their details on for receipt  WHOOHOOO!  how exciting is this! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Click below to purchase the 5 week Foundation program which will be delivered direct to your inbox upon purchase….   HALF PRICE SPECIAL OFFER ~ this course was previously £111 & is now £55.55!

Magical Options

Click below to purchase the 2 week Induction program which will be delivered direct to your inbox upon purchase….. HALF PRICE SPECIAL OFFER this course was previously £55 and is now £25.55

Magical Options

excited to chat! 🙂
Thanks for being here I look forward to connecting ~ I’d love to invite you to come along and join my online community too ~ Magical YOUniverse and the 21 days of magic ~ plus monthly access to my online workshops ~ Magical YOUniverse

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