BIG Miracles ~ House Sales ~ Letters to the Universe & Trusting the Process….

Hellooooooo!  🙂  I hesitated completing this blog post at this particular moment as I have just had a call from our Estate Agents saying  our buyers and A~OK and all is confirmed so long as we are ready to go Go GO once they complete rather than hold up a “chain” ~ so I said YES and took a deep breath….

Let me share with you whats been going off in Liz~land….  I have been using the affirmation I am a magnet for miracles this last few weeks or so as well as lots of vibe clearing with Ho~oponopono, mental Alchemy & EFT.  I have been clearing and cleansing my vibes in the area’s which felt and have been “stuck” one of which being our House Selling or not as the previous case has been…..  We set the intention that we were ready to move, decorated (& found relief in the “even if we dont move we have a lovely shiny bright house) prepared ourselves vibrationally and practically and just let go…. Loving our house here in the now 🙂

Within the last week or so we have had a flurry of viewers and OFFERS!  yesterday within an hour we had 2 offers for the full asking price!  WOWZA!  WOOSH!  that was quick and I was shaking like a leaf…. Excited yet a little scared ~ the what ifs ~ the worries mixed with the exciting adventure we are embarking on….

As properties go we are “downsizing” our house ~ that said we are UPSIZING our life ~ getting clear of some old financial commitments,  making the moves in the right direction,  having a fresh start and moving somewhere rural ~ walks on the door step ~ real fire ~ character cottage…. feels nice! 🙂   We have viewings booked in and our eye on one particular cottage which I spotted on a walk last summer and said I would love to live in…. & now its up for sale! LOAinaction?  I think so….

That said we are open to possibilities and keeping our options open… I am well up for universal guidance and alignment and trusting my vibes / heart on the matter…  So back to the call I just got!!  EEEEK!  natural flap and panic then remembered to breathe, relax and allow ~ knowing I am completely loved and safe and everything is flowing on our side…


BIG ones! 🙂

So I am letting go and letting god, trusting this process and knowing we will end up in the best possible place…. ( We ALL Will 🙂 )

I also wanted to mention a couple of great films I manifested at the weekend which ties in with the miracles manifestation and LOAinaction which has happened too ~ I always see the meaning in films I watch somehow tying in with my own life at the time ~ its magical!  We watched them for my b~day which was nice… BIG Miracle and Letters to Juliet….  BIG miracles stood out in the shop cause of my affirmation and I had the above picture as my facebook page header at the time too….  Divine orchestration ~ yes!

BIG miracle is a true story about 3 whales stuck under ice in the ocean, very heartwarming and the way the film goes (without saying too much ~ only a little SPOILER alert here…lol) the whales find a route out from under the ice (5 miles along) by the support and help from those around cutting breathe holes for them although there is lots more to it than this and lots of tears along the way…  I kinda saw my own life a little like this up until now ~ the breathe holes ~ the support ~ the journey through the icey ocean to the vast wide space again (I feel I am about to experience the vast wide space again now too WHOOHOO!)  WOOSH! POP!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bring it on!

Letters to Juliet was FAB too!  Loved it and felt V inspired by the story ~ set in verona ~ the love flowing ~ people writing their personal letters to Juliet (as in romeo & J) pinning them to a wall where a group of beautiful souls collected them up each day and sent heart felt replies… I LOVE writing / typing and sharing from the heart and commented to my Chap Cat after the film that I LOVED the thought of doing letters to Liz where people can send me their Letters as if writing them to the universe (via e-mail to make it easy though lol) and I would respond with my intuitive guidance and heart centered message 🙂  I am feeling excited again just typing this!

The Law of Attraction in action came about the following morning when I checked my e-mail and had a payment for my coaching services with a follow up mail saying they just wanted to send me an email to ask 3 questions and for me to respond… I replied message me as if you are writing a letter to the universe with your questions and story and I will reply…. & so it begins… Letters to Liz… How cool is this!!  & all I did was play with the idea of this happening ~ the universe took care of the rest 🙂

I am feeling I will add this service to my site over the coming days… reach out if this interests you and be part of my “cosmic cookie trail”

How exciting is all this… Just by breathing deeply and sharing this today I already feel a lot more confidence, centered and balanced about everything… Trusting the process and enjoying this exciting adventure!  AkA Life 😉

Universe delight and surprise me and Cat Ian Green~Wood and Levi & Lloyd the furr babies beyond our wildest dreams!  What would it take for all of this to work out better than we could ever wish dream hope or imagine?

Thank you thank you thank you ~ infinite love and appreciation flowing 🙂

Here’s today’s vid where I share lots more about the processes I used to get the ideal offer on the house ~ I also did an amazing workshop on mental alchemy last night which is available as a recorded online workshop ~ Transformation of energy is one of the ways I attracted this situation and will continue to use this process… check it out ~ Transformation through mental alchemy ~ Negatives to Positives Online Workshop with Liz

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