Law of Attraction How To & 3 Steps to Success KEYs ~ Lets Go Back to Basics!

Read the Secret but feel lost? Looking to create your ideal life? Want to know how to get Law of Attraction Working in your life?

How to Attract More of What You Want & Less of What You Don’t with Liz Green ~ The 3 Steps to Success Online Program & One to One Intensive Coaching package (including support videos & follow up)

  • Step 1 – identify my desire ~ So what DO you want?
  • Are you caught up in negative contrast meaning you attract more of it? Β ~ Move from Contrast to Clarity
  • Step 2 – give your desire attention ~ raise your vibes
  • Are your Affirmations having a negative effect on your life? Β ~ Get the right affirmations for you & create your desire statement
  • Step 3 – Allowing ~ reduce resistance to allow desire to flow in
  • Are your doubts cancelling out your desires? Β  Learn the formula for desire V’s doubts and complete your allowing statement

The Law of Attraction states β€œWhatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, I’ll attract more of it, whether wanted or unwanted.”

The Online 3 Step Group Program is available on Magical Mondays 11th 18th 25th Feb 2013 @ 6:30pm UK time (1:30pm Est) Β – these life transforming sessions will be held via online webinar for 1 hour 30 minutes each and will open up for Q&A at the end ~ recording will be available in case you miss any of the live ones…. Β Your investment for the online 3 week program is Β£75 please click the paypal button below to purchase & confirm…. if you have other dates in mind get in touch direct and ask πŸ™‚

To listen to the Law of Attraction introduction click here

The One to One 1 month intensives are NOW available and include 4 x 1 hour direct sessions with Liz plus recorded version of the 3 steps to success including worksheets and the added bonus of the “mirror mirror on the wall do I really attract it all?” video course (both valued @ over Β£55) Your investment for the 1 month intensive is Β£300 please click the paypal button below to purchase and Liz will be in touch direct πŸ™‚

If you have any queries or questions drop Liz a direct mail here ~ or call 07834 363897
How great can this all be?

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