How to be OK with the Negative Contrasty Crap of Life….. & Our Next Best Steps to Take…..

Its a beautiful life and everything is in perfect divine order ~ I know it may not always seem that way and it certainly hasn’t for me this week ~ that said it really is all about the way we look at everything….. How much we can be with whatever is ~ remembering that what we resists persists ~ thats right the more we DONT want something ~ the more we fight against it and do our very best to get rid of “it” whatever it may be then the more “it” shows up in our lives 🙂

I share this blog on 21.12.12 daaadaaaadarrrrrr!  Drum roll please…. Its the END OF THE WORLD  ~ the end of the world as we know it that is…. over this past 12 days we have been going through a powerful portal of alignment ~ we are being called to let go of the things which no longer serve our highest good and the highest good of those around you.  For some this has been a flowing week of clarity and for others who like to “cling on” maybe PLAN NEED WANT and TRY a little too much (myself included) its been a week of negative contrast swiftly flowing in to cleanse and clear as swiftly as it arrived…

My vibe cleansing journey is with Menieres Dis…ease ~ I announced my “healing” over a year ago when my hearing returned to normal and I felt better than ever ~ since then its popped back into my life a couple of times this week in a BIG way, that said I had a wisdom tooth pulled the day of the “attack” so I know this was a trigger ~ & I also feel universal “signs” in the wisdom tooth….. This time was worse than my experiences before but in a much better place and space (practically and vibrationally) ~ there’s no place like home click click click  ~ this week I had very little plans and bookings and was comfortably at home, so was able to give myself the time to recover without worry ~ to allow whatever was coming to wash over me and for me to be with it…   This is key for me right now ~ How much can I be with whatever is coming up and out?

To start with I was resisting ~ the more I resisted the worse it got ~ so I just let it all up and out, as the waves of vertigo and sickness came I moved myself up through the emotional scale just being with it breathing as much as possible at each point and each feeling ~ the despair ~ helplessness to start with then the anger, hate and rage moving onto the feelings of sadness and disappointment this had come back into my life then boredom and irritation “oh here we go again” kind of feelings and then impatience as to when would it go reaching for hope and optimism when I was ready hope being a place I find myself today….  I am excited to move up to positive expectation then back into the best place we can be Joy Happiness Empowerment Freedom!  WHOOHOOO!  bring it on!  I can feel myself rising just sharing this here today 🙂

thank you for being here 🙂

So with that said its a great time to be on earth and paradise really is in the here and now ~ its all about how we look at things ~ What if it was ok to have any emotions we have?  What if it IS ok to feel any emotions and feelings we have?  What if its ok to be whatever we be in each moment?   ~ rather than resisting and things persisting what if we could make peace with it all?  Come from a place of Love as much as possible?  & know that it IS a beautiful life and everything IS in perfect divine order… This can sometimes feel like Chaos ~ what if this was ok too?  Rather than “trying” to push things away ~ fight things ~ heal things ~ take action to make be and do, rather than just being with it all…… Knowing its all beautiful in its own way ~ its all Perfect ~ IMPERFECTION = I’M PERFECT 🙂

Sending you all infinite love on this very special day…..  Happy Solstice and may the force be with you 😉 (The universal force that is ~ its our “job” to let go…. breathe…. relax and allow…. lol 🙂 )   & if you feel I can support you in anyway ~ maybe you have something you would like to be ok with ~ could be dis….ease could be something else ~ whatever it be my doors always open to support you ~ you can learn lots more about my one to one coaching here ~ Click here for more about coaching with Liz & to see the Emotional scale Liz used in her example above

A note from my ♥ to your ♥

We are being called to allow the things which no longer serve us to fall away…..

We are being called to cleanse and clear our vibrations…..

We are being called to allow ourselves to follow our heart path ~ the path of love…..

What do you LOVE to do?

What would you LOVE to do?

How would you LOVE your life to be?

Life is for living & LOVING ~ Do what you LOVE & LOVE what you do ♥ ♥ ♥

LOVE is…… The Way….. ♥

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