Inspirational Gifts to Change Your Life ~ The BEST GiftS You Can EVER Receive or Give!

The present moment is all there really is ~ That’s why its called a gift….

I am going to invite you to come into the NOW moment ~ the gift of life ~ the here and now….. remembering anything you are thinking about from the past and anything you are projecting in the future doesn’t even yet exist….  Take a nice deep breath ~ Breathe deeply ~ feel yourself relax ~ take another deep breathe… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….. feels SO good 🙂

NOW you are here in the NOW I would love to share with you another very special gift… A gift that you can give yourself or share with others….  This is the Law of Attraction in action ~ you manifest being here and its in perfect alignment 🙂

How much fun can we have clearing our vibes in each present moment?

As we approach the new fresh shiny bright year ahead its time to commit to change and have the perfect support ~ support to SHINE 🙂   I absolutely love coaching and supporting people from all over the world to jump into the now, have fun and clear up any negative vibes surrounding all kinds of different situations in life…. anything goes its all good……

Sooooooo, I felt inspired to set up Gift Vouchers for my training courses, coaching and intuitive guidance ~ from 3 steps to success, SHINE, taster sessions to breakthrough sessions to 3 different delicious packages so you can cherry pick that which best suits you or your loved ones…. & I have included special gifts for you too ~ from my heart to yours ~ you book coaching for someone else and I gift you a session ~ book video training and I gift you it too WHOOHOO! hows it get any better than this?  What else is possible?   All the details are below ~ you can click purchase then drop me a direct mail to let me know if this is a gift for you (you deserve it) or someone else and we will take it from there 🙂

ONE TO ONE COACHING &&&& BONUS!  If you book as a gift you will also be gifted a 30 minute taster session from my heart to yours 🙂   thank you 🙂

I offer 30 minute Taster &  1 Hour sessions as well as 3 different size packages, Small 4 Hour, Medium 6 Hours & Large 10 Hours so you can choose that which best suits you and use the hours how they best suit your requirement for support  Packages start for as little as £45. Every session includes a message from the universe as well as full follow up e-mail including any recommendations / guidance. When booking packages you have full e-mail support in~between sessions ~ hows it get any better than that? 🙂

How much fun can we have together helping you or your loved ones gain clarity about the future course of your life?  How much fun can we have together helping you and your loved ones  live the lives you’ve always dreamed of?  What are the infinite possibilities? You can check your price conversion here ~ Convert £’s to my currency

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Payment plans also available ~ just ask!  My doors ALWAYS open 🙂

The LAUNCH of SHINE Online will be a 5 week video training course which will include 2 in depth videos per week (10 in total) including SHINE heart opening meditation to attune you for this amazing induction ~ everything will be delivered direct to your inbox at regular intervals over the 5 week period and you will receive a full manual and certificate once you have completed the SHINE program so you have everything you require to support you to SHINE ~ & if you feel you would like ongoing support or guidance to “pay it forward” and support others to SHINE too you can choose to purchase the Follow up & Pay it Forward package which includes  2 x 45 minute sessions of direct one to one coaching with Liz from anywhere in the world via phone or Skype 🙂  How great can all of this be?  How much can you allow yourself to shine?

*****  SHINE online course will be LIVE on the 1st January 2013 ~ e-mailed direct to your inbox ready for a new year fresh starts ~ You can pre-order and reserve yours by purchasing via paypal ~ details listed below*****  You can also purchase the SHINE program as a gift (what an amazing christmas gift ~ change someones life!) just mail me direct let me know its a gift and I will send you a voucher ecard as the gift and add their details on for receipt on the 1st january!  WHOOHOOO!  how exciting is this! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Click below to purchase and be added to the launch list……

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I am SOOOOOO excited for you and your friends to experience SHINE and know like I know it will absolutely change your whole life 🙂

MORE VIDEO TRAINING COURSES HERE  &&&& A BONUS GIFT!  If you choose to buy any of the following for your friends and love ones you will be gifted it too!  WHOOHOO!  from me to you 🙂

Video Training Course 1 ~ The Law of Attraction Introduction ~ Read the Secret but feel lost?  Looking to create your ideal life?  Want to know how to get Law of Attraction Working in your life?

How to Attract More of What You Want & Less of What You Don’t with Liz Green

Applying the Law of Attraction to Your Life

A very powerful force is at work in your life. Its called the law of attraction and right now it is attracting people, jobs, situations and relationships into your life — not all of them good!
In this session, expert Law of Attraction trainer Liz Green, AkA The Law of Attraction Queen & How TO Girl, teaches you how to apply Law of Attraction to your advantage so you can attract more of what you desire in your life.

Its been a long time coming!  WHOOHOOO!  here’s your chance to take part in the first of Liz’s video training courses ~ this is the Law of Attraction Introduction ~ packed with tips and tricks to totally transform your life!  this is it!  Are you Ready?

The investment for this valuable life changing training is £11.11 click the paypal button below and you will be e-mailed the video and worksheet links to get started right away  🙂  happy high vibes!  Enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

Video Training Course 2 ~ 3 Steps to Law of Attraction Success ~ 3 part video course on the 3 step process to transform you life using the Law of Attraction in Action & Positive Clarity!  Gimme a YES if you LOVE positive vibes! WHOOHOOO! 

Step 1 – identify my desire ~ So what DO you want?

Are you caught up in negative contrast meaning you attract more of it?  ~ Move from Contrast to Clarity 🙂

Step 2 – give your desire attention ~ raise your vibes

Are your Affirmations having a negative effect on your life?  ~ Get the right affirmations for you & create your desire statement 🙂

Step 3 – Allowing ~ reduce resistance to allow desire to flow in

Are your doubts cancelling out your desires?   Learn the formula for desire V’s doubts and complete your allowing statement 🙂

The Law of Attraction states “Whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, I’ll attract more of it, whether wanted or unwanted.”

Join me for a 3 part video training course talking about the 3 step process to Law of Attraction in Action ~  Each video includes life changing processes including worksheets for you to complete for your chosen ideals ~ Liz will talk walk you through each step of the way 🙂

Once you click purchase you will be sent an e-mail to confirm subscription then over the course of 3 days you will be guided through a 3 part video training course including daily documents tips tricks and practical tools which you can use forever…. magic!

♥ ~  ♥  Your investment in this training is £33.33 ~ once you have clicked the paypal button below and made your payment you will automatically be sent a direct mail to ask you to confirm subscription to this video training series  🙂  You will then be sent each step including worksheets ~ “playsheets” over the course of 3 days ~  happy high vibes!  Enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂

Video Training Course Number 3 ~ Mirror Mirror on the Wall Do I REALLY Attraction it ALL? ~ Are you thinking REALLY?  Is this Actually True?  How come and how does this work?

If you are I would absolutely love to share my leading edge take on how the mirrors of life Really DO work and how come you seem to keep attracting the people, places, situations, circumstances, life and most importantly feelings and emotions you no longer want helping you turn things around attracting and manifesting your ideals in 2 simple fun steps.

This is a 2 part video training course one to one with Liz sharing the “Mirror method” she created and has used with her coaching clients for the last few years.  It also includes 4 worksheets and is packed with tips tricks and life changing methods……

It will absolutely change your life ~ if you allow it 🙂  What would it take for you to experience this 2 Part Video Training series ~ Mirror Mirror on the Wall Do I REALLY Attract it ALL?

Give it a go and very soon you will be saying “Mirror Mirror on the wall my vibes are clear I’ll have it ALL!  WHOOHOOOO” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Your investment in this 2 part training course is £22.22 ♥

“Liz– I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I enjoyed your video series! Things have started to shift and there are even times Im manifesting things right before my eyes. AMAZING! Lots more clearing to do!! But am on the right path! Thank you! Jennifer”

Thanks for being here sharing this journey with me ~ I LOVE you!

YOU = Shining Star ~ Shine Bright and be the brightest shiniest version of you 🙂 Love & appreciation flowing to you ~ thank YOU for being here sharing this magical life journey with me ~ be sure to sign up for my mailing list ~ pop your details in the box top right for the RIGHT kind of vibes in your in~box and let me know if I can be of service to you ~ my doors always open ♥

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