What Happens When We Just LET GO & Surrender ~ I did & it was magical!

I have had a BIG FAT LIGHTBULB Moment today!  It was one of those WHOOAAAHHH!  Yes ok I am listening I promise I AM Moments…..

This morning I had my 5th Breathing and Rebirthing session (Thank YOU Reina = AMAZING) I had a wonderful connection and some amazing realizations one of which I would love to share with you here today ~ usually my rebirthing is about clarity of contrast and can be pretty intense ( see video at the end of this post for more about the intentions I set before todays session) ~ I just gotta get this baby off my chest its pushing on my heart chakra, everyone has to know this FUN Stuff & I would Luuurve to know what you think too!  WHOOHOO!  hows it get any better than this?  what else is possible?

Long story short I lost my best friend ~ who was as good as my sister ~ in my mid twenties ~ she skidded on ice and hit a tree on a fast country road which led her to her pure positive energy experience….. Before this we travelled a lot together one trip in particular which I will ALWAYS remember was to NY NY ~ we wanted to be a part of it NEW YORK NEW YORK!  heehee 😉  & we were….  Sarah (& her surname is Peace btw) came to me as a reminder during my breathing morning today…… I felt her presence with me…..

New York New York ~ the trip of a lifetime…. Whist there we were totally in the flow having fun laughing tripping around site seeing plus lots of shopping…..  One day in particular we got up really early and went on a shopping spree to macy’s ~ I bought everything in Tommy Hilfiger (I was only 19 LOL) & we met his brother ~ V cool ~ then I put all the new clothes on and we went to explore the sites…. We were nearby to Radio City when a fab guy heckled me “Hey you in all your Tommy gear ~ check you gurl ~ are you from England”  I was quick to say YAY and we had a great bit of banter…. at the time there were lots of people with camera’s and bollards being set up on the road…. We asked a passer by what was happening…

“OOOOoooOOOOO Gurl ~ its the TONY AWARDS! & I AM SOOOOOO Excited!”

I wasnt that sure what they were at the time ~ it sure sounded like fun and the vibe was magical ~ we were buzzing!  & whilst buzzing someone else caught our British Vibe ~ A media connection who asked us if we wanted to sit in the photographers stand!  WHOOHOO!  of course… so we went for it and had the most magical time taking photo’s in among it all ~ loads of celebrities ~ at one point Sean Connery got out of a limo & I shouted out “Hey Sean we are from the UK!!!” ~ the photographers around us said whos that????? I said “Its JAMES BOND!” and the lights went off flashing all over the place… it was ACE ~ Absolutely magical!  & to top it all off (& this is the key realization for me) we were on FOX News ~

The trip we were part of was Sarah’s University trip (which I tagged along on) & all the other students were back at the digs watching us both LIVE on Fox News waving WHOOHOOOing and taking photo’s!  how great is that!

Hows it get any better than this?  What else is possible?

Sarah was with me today reminding me that all this magic happened without us planning it, looking for it, trying to “make” it happen, needing something amazing to happen or even having an wants or expectations about the day ~ we just knew we were going to follow our highest excitement and have fun and we certainly did that, thats for sure…..  She also brought another DING DING moment to the forefront of my mind ~ before I set off for my breathing session I made a video talking about my cats levi and lloyd then posted some videos of them on facebook where they are dancing (yes dancing cats…lol) one of the videos has been chosen by animal antics to be on their ITV Saturday night show…. the video of choice was made at midnight one saturday after a good few glasses of wine (for me not the cats…) We were just having FUN ~ following our highest excitement and so were levi and lloyd bobbing about after a green feather toy my partner was whipping about…..

I clearly heard the message from Sarah today ~ she was laughing at me ~ saying let go Liz ~ have fun ~ use humor ~ be yourself ~ play ~ talk to everyone you meet like you did in New York and be the beautiful “out there” being you are…..  There was no trying to be on the telly ~ for you and me or for levi and lloyd it was just part of the FUN ~ FUN is the way!  Remember how much FUN we used to have and how great life was in the NOW?

DEAL ~ Count me in!  Today I am making a pact to follow my highest excitement in each given moment ~ to have fun Fun FUN ~ to play ~ to laugh ~ to love to flow with the magical flow of life ~ being in the NOW and thoroughly absolutely LOVING it all 🙂

this feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD to share today ~ thank you for being here ~ for listening ~ for sharing this magical life journey with me ~ in our magical YOUniverses 🙂

What are the infinite possibilities?  How much fun can we all have? & how much fun can our lives be?

I am feeling SOOOOOOOOO inspired by lots of fun things I love the thought of doing ~ SHINE Parties & training days ~ retreats ~ weekends ~ weeks away ~ livestream events ~ online courses (which are FUN and funny) spiritual comedy ~ Cat Whispering (watch the video below…heehee) humorous talks at lots of events ~ sharing how great life can be when we remember its supposed to be FUN 🙂 🙂 🙂

I also highly recommend Rebirthing & breathing sessions to get in touch with the deeper you and uncover your true heart path……  if you are in the North of the UK go see Reina she’s AMAZING! 🙂

Reina Lister 0114 2582644
Email: reina_d_lister@phonecoop.coop


Lotsa love high vibes and thank yous for being here

♥ from my heart to yours,

Liz ♥

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