Can Life Get Better Than This??? Here’s How…… I Believe ~ Do You?

I believe ~ do you?

A belief is a thought that we keep thinking ~ our beliefs create our reality ~ So why on earth would we keep thinking thought that no longer serve us?  Whats that all about…. lol 😉

Its been an energetic rollercoaster of a ride this past month or so with many of us being called to “clean up” our vibes relating to things from the past which we might have stuffed away hoping it would disappear…. As we clear our vibes it opens doors for us to allow the magic to flow into our lives ~ that is IF WE BELIEVE in it….

Anything IS possible ~ we are creating it ALL ~ this is your YOUniverse ~ we get to choose!   How exciting is that!

I was chatting with a wonderful client yesterday she shared an experience which made her feel really heavy in which someone had tried to squash her BIG dreams and encouraged her to “be realistic” ~ anything which feels heavy deep down dark dense and tense is a universal lie ~ those close fisted contracted moments of NOT being an infinite being and NOT being able to follow your dreams ~ these are UNTRUE ~ thats the negative contrast ~ the positive clarity is ~ you CAN Be Do & Have anything you desire ~ first of all comes the BE part ~ BE that being (as if its already all happened) get happy in the moment in the NOW and appreciate it all ~ the contrast and the clarity ~ this is the depth of life and you are sending our amazing rockets of desire for constant improvement in your life ~ its amazing!  WHOOHOOO!   & BElieve in the magic ~ BElieve things can be better for you and you can live the life you dream of 🙂

How great does that feel to you?  How light does that feel?  & any heaviness which comes up surrounding the thought of BEing DOing and Having ANYthing and everything you desire including the joy passion empowerment and freedom ~ any contrast coming up relating to that is what you are hear to “clean up” clear out and let go of……

This is what I have been doing over this past few weeks ~ acknowledging accepting loving and appreciating the habits, patterns and contrastual cycles I have been stuck in and I will continue to do so ~ the more we clear our vibes the MORE we SHINE!  YAY!  hows it get any better than this?  what else is possible?

If you feel you would like support clearing your vibes and moving from the negative contrast to the positive clarity get in touch ~ If we havent yet spoken I would love to gift you a ((((FREE))))) 30 minute taster session / consultation which can be done over the phone via skype or live on google hang out ~ which ever feels best to you ~ you can learn more about my coaching here ~ One to Ones with liz get in touch ~ my doors always open and I am here to support you 🙂  mail me direct I also invite you to join the LAB AkA law of Attraction believers community where you can give your vibes a super clean out by experiencing the 21 days of magic & much much more ~ Click here to join the LAB for (((((FREE))))

Love and appreciation flowing for all the wonderful comments and feedback which was waiting for me in my inbox this morning…… I am extremely grateful this is my “job” in life 🙂  thank you thank you thank you ~ Some days I wonder if I can continue with this sometimes difficult journey of self discover and support and comments like this keep me going 🙂

“Hi, Liz!!! 🙂 I just want to thank you for all the positive messages that you post. I am recovering from a severe depression and now I have big plans, dreams and projects for the

future. I just wanted to thank you and let you that your work is very much appreciated. You make a difference for the better in this Universe. 🙂
All the best,”

“I have just completed 21 days on the LAB. Just wanted to thank you for all your positive vibes, links to other mind body spirit websites, and a special thanks for all the EFT videos you have posted on the LAB.”

“WOW! You rock lady! THANKS xoxox”

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